Special Teams this week

Were pretty decent last week if you ask me (at least the defensive side of special teams, ie punt and KO coverage and getting downfeild and all that. the returns weren't so hot...)

BUT will they be even better this week what with the return of OLB Glasper? he was dynamite in preseason getting downfeild before anyone else and still managing to limit the no yards penalties to zero called on him (i think)


If Setta’s hangtimes are reflective of the Ruoffian flashbacks they’ve been creating since camp opened, we should be alright. We must contain Levingston et al.

As for placements, I have confidence in Nick. Christie? Not so sure.

We should win the kicking battle tonight. Our coverage teams will have to step it up to assure that we keep that field position edge.

Jo Jo needs to break a few for big gains tonight!

Oski Wee Wee,

we had some good kick returns but they were called back on penalties ( which we had alot of )

so far our returns have been mediocre at best, i expect that to change with continuity within the unit.

However i'm still so very impressed with the athleticism shown by our cover/contain team.

you can't teach FAST!

(Like buono says, i can teach a guy how to catch, how to run routes and everything else... i can't teach a guy how to be 6'3" or in this case, FAST!!!)

but the discipline from game two (preseason) to game three (calgary) on the no-yards calls was unbelievably good. Whoever the special teams coach is must be getting some serious video time in with these guys.

The Caretaker mentioned on the Fan yesterday that Marcel & Charlie have placed a premium on speed in selecting this team so hopefully with the great placement & hangtime Setta has been giving with a speeder cover team we should do some damage against the blue team.

It'll definitely be an interesting match up. Hamilton's strength (cover) against the Blue Team's strength (return). Levingston and Bruce are proven big play returners. If the Cats can neutralize them it'll be one important key to a victory.