Special Teams the Shining Light

Congratulations Craig Dickenson for a superb job of special teams coaching. Week in and week out I have been impressed with our coverage and return schemes ( except for all the penalties against BC). Chris Milo would be a game changer if the defence could ever hold the opposition when he pins them deep with his precisley placed o of b punts. It is ironic that our scourge of last year has turned into the only facet of play that we can really say we are any good at.

Milo has really improved this season, even his field goals have gotten a lot better. I'm impressed with everything on our special teams since Milo has been in there besides his early blunders, which is almost to be expected by a rookie kicker. But I have noticed with Milo his punts are lower and just as long as Johnson's, which had resulted in A LOT less no yards in the air penalties. One thing of concern is the couple of no yards interference penalties the cover team has taken a couple of those this year which is unacceptable, the ball is on the ground, you don't need to go and touch it.

What has Dickenson done differently then the previous few coaches? Like the difference this year is night and day! Was it all the coach, or are the players just better suited for ST work?

Is I understand it, Daly just screamed at players all the time. After a while, they likely just tuned him out, so it was like not having a coach at all. Dickenson actually coaches, and the players have more respect for him, IMHO.