Special Teams Practice Work Ethic?

There was a caller in the CKRM post-game show (Mike??) who said he goes to just about every Rider practice and said that 1) Daley is screaming at them all the time; 2) the players must certainly have tuned him out, getting crapped on left, right and centre; 3) the special teams give little effort; 4) there is little time dedicated to special teams. It seemed like a very level-headed, objective, not an "out to get somebody fired" kind of commentary.

Are there any of you (calling new members from Riderville :slight_smile: ) who go to practice and could provide your insights to corroberate or refute the points raised by the caller??

See my comment in the "Daley is next" thread.

Thanks. Saw it but I was looking more for comments from those who attend pratices also, to get another first-hand perspective. I don't tend to take one person's view alone when it is a subjective matter such as this. Y ou know, if you read it on the internet (or heard it on a call-in show), it must be true syndrome :o

Are you in Regina, and if so, do you attend practices at all? Would love to have regular practice reports for us ex-pats living far, far away!!

Live in Saskatoon. Only see occasional practices. Go to most away games, but only see the walkthroughs the day before, which really are no practice. However, have occasion to talk to regular practice attenders who are aquaintences and who know the game. Have attended TC each day for the past 4 years and do have some first-hand perspectives.

I usually get there everyday and they dedicate about 15 minutes to special teams right after they do warm ups and yes it seems as tho JD is the only coach yelling to the point that yea he is annoying and he really could shove his whistle he blow's it like 5-6 times to start or finish each play and yes at the best of times it looks confusing to me there isn't any consistant blocking schemes
as far as work ethic tho all the guys out there are bustin balls doing there jobs but when that coach -JD- can't come up with a better plan of attack than a pee-wee football coach what as fans can we expect we have the talent yet they haven't a leader