Special teams player of the week

Ian Smart was named special teams player of the week? Didn't his fumble lead to Winnipeg's winning field goal? And he may have had a couple of nice returns, but he didn't do anything really special. I would have picked Rob Pikula who was 3 for 3 in field goals replacing the injured Troy Westwood and also saved a touchdown by tackling Smart on a return.

Yeah, that's kind've a weird one....

True...and some may say the same of Payton. Don't get me wrong, I am glad that he won the offesive player of the week but many may argue that his two fumbles almost cost the game for the Als. The stamps scored two touchdowns as a result.

I agree with you about Payton.....The 2 fumbles trump his rushing yards, IMO

I'm sure his 160 yards, and 1 Touchdown helped him get this honour.

Im sure it did but would he still have been picked if the Als lost?
HE did score a touchdown but both fumbles lead to Stamp touchdowns.

Ian Smart deserves the award because other players are less worthy. Pikula kicking 3 field goals is ordinary for any kicker. When a kicker is the last man to prevent a touchdown, that indicates weakness in special teams.

So a fumbled kick to lose the game isn't any problem in your mind?

Yah what the hell?

A back up kicker not missing one, helping a his team win and making a potential game saving tackle is doing a lot more than Ian Smart.

I bet Ian Smart would not have voted for Ian Smart for S.T. player of the Week.

I bet when he found out he was like, "What the hell?"

haha. its so true. ya he had some good returns. but the bombers cover has been pretty weak this year. and well the 1 fumble is a bigger stat then total yardage alot of the time. even more so when ur team loses because of it. pikula stepped up big time with a holder he has never worked with and put up 3-3 beating out mccallum. i'm sry might seem biased but pikula deserved stp all the way last week.

Ian Smart has racked up over 1100 yards this season and is the top kick returner in the game today. Finally people are starting to talk about him!

What a great signing by Wally. Thanks for cutting him Montreal! By the way, can anyone name the player who scored the only Lions TD of last year's Grey Cup?

Ian Smart for 500