Special teams play

With the firing of STC Micky Donovan I am trying to see what I consider to be a successful Special Teams.

There are many things to consider outside of the obvious like a large return for a score. Thats pretty low hanging fruit.

But I don't even know what average looks like on ST offense and defense. The ONE thing I dont want to see are fumbles. I want PK to be over 85% and punters to be in the top 4 teams.

And I want to see runbacks on punts held to about 12 yards and Kick returns to be held to about 20-25 yards. Offensivel y on ST I'd like to be past those numbers.

I'd like to at least think our returners pose a threat to score as well. At least pose that threat.

I 'd like for a STC to have a well thought out blocking and chase scheme in place.

ST are tricky to measure as it combines offense and defense

What do you guys look for when measuring ST.

The best STC I have ever seen are Reinbold and O'Shea.

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At a very basic level ... to me, successful Special Teams means winning the field position battle.

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I'd like to see Urban Meyer take a shot at coaching in the CFL. Assistant coach to start with would be good.

Cards dealt to him (sometimes he did it to himself) did not unfold easily for him.

Before any of you complain about this, keep in mind lots of people gave up on Bill Belichick when he finished out in Cleveland. The rest was epic history.

Interesting take.

I 'm guessing you mean that after a few two and outs by each club our punting and coverage will slowly improve field position.
I'd also like to see reduction on holding and clipping penalties on returns.


Would be nice to see a return of more than 10 yards everyone once in awhile.

Ok...I take it that this is not an area is worth discussing . they averaged about 9-10 yards on punts returns and 18-19 on KO returns last year. Were 6 in league. But I won't push on this to discuss. Thanks Tony.

6 th out of 9. Room for improvement IMO.

When was the last time the Als were able to take a return for a TD?

Tony I'm not arguing with you. I laid out what I wanted to see in ST. I thought maybe you or others could share your views on it. Thats all.

Not saying 6th is OK. Just a fact.

They took one punt back last year.

Stats are at Team Stats - CFL.ca

My mistake. Thank you for pointing it out.