Special Teams - Again

Why can't we get it right? Another blocked punt - more running towards our own goal line than the direction we should be going

  • big Returns by the opposition and miniscule ones by us ( Morris had 6 punt returns for an average of 3.8 yards per punt.)
    Our poor performance in this aspect of our game puts unneeded pressure on our O and D. If we don't improve our Special Teams play - we don't have a chance against Montreal.

What'd I tell ya. 3 out of our 4 losses now can be attributed to problems on special teams.

We did "have a chance" against Montréal. Not saying special teams wasn't a big factor why we lost but they could have been as bad as they were and other factors such as the +5 turnover ratio reduced and we would likely have still won.

the 5 turnovers should have only been 4 as the 1st and goal from the 1 with 3 attepmts resulted in a huge turnover ?
NO excuses there ???
Miller has to do a lot of coaching evaluation on that one and demand an explanation from Kavis Reed on his qoute in todays paper when asked about if he was worried about his job!
"I know that (those in the Rougrider's hierarchy ) are getting my very best effort every single time. "
as I see it that is the one unit on our team that hasn't improved all season so far, to me it seems as if there regressing ?

( protect your QB at all costs and put the fear of god in theirs )

god if thats his best effort..........im speachless

An article in the LEaderost addressed the ST this a yesterday.

Kavis Reed says that he has searched the tapes for problems over and over again . . .

Reed is certain that the problem is not a formational problem. He feels it is individual players making mistakes.

He says he will continue to teach the individual lessons to eliminate the problem.

Sorry no source, maybe i will look for it later.

But this is the jist of it.

I've defended the special teams but they really need to improve, huge blunder at the end giving up the single point as well, Dressler should have been back there and that was a big time coaching mistake.