Special Teams 2012

From today`s web blurb on Sean Whyte:

Rainy weather forced the Alouettes to practice indoors for the first two days of training camp. With the low ceilings often the norm in sports complexes, kickers do not usually get the chance to let off long punts with an impressive hang times.

“It doesn’t really affect me on punts as I try to keep the ball low and on a direct line. Being inside helps me with that aspect of my game. Even today, I noticed that I already improved in that area and my kicks reflected that.?

Does this make sense to anyone??!! What happened to hang time? Maybe he should try the Impact.

The Don should grab both Whyte and Bischoff by the scruff of the neck over this. :smiley:

Finally a special teams thread. Sean was really nailing that wall with his field goal mock kicks.

Do we have a kick returner yet?

On en a 3 : Devine, Wolfe et Slaughter. Peut-être Guy et Patterson, aussi.

Je crois que cette bataille là va se régler lorsque les entraîneurs auront décidé qui sera le demi derrière Whitaker.

Could not agree with you more. On punts you want the hang time to allow your ST time to get down field before the PR has the chance to get going. I understand he wants to try and kick to a certain side of the field, but he should also be trying to get the hang time along with it.

Slaughter n'est plus avec les Alouettes; il a été libéré en début de semaine.

Devine,Wolfe et Guy vont "batailler" pour le poste de spécialiste des retours. J'opte pour Devine ou Guy.


Merci Richard.

Je me demande si l'équipe n'aurait pas une préférence à conserver, en considérant ce poste de retourneur, deux demis plutôt qu'un demi et un receveur. Si c'était le cas, les chances de Guy seraient diminuées.

D'après moi et tenant compte de ce qui a été écrit et dit à date, je crois que les 2 demis seront inclus parmi les 46 joueurs actifs mais seulement 1 prendra part aux matchs. 1 cinquième receveur fera également partie des joueurs actifs,mais seulement 4 vont jouer. Un receveur et spécialiste des retours comme Guy pourrait faire partie des 46 joueurs actifs.

L'avenir nous le dira.


Selon Le Gazette:

C.J. Washington, a 5-foot-8, 160-pound rookie out of Wake Forest, will begin practising as a wide-receiver after starting camp playing cornerback. He played both positions at college and impressed team management during a workout last winter at Charlotte, N.C.

“I’ve been very impressed by him,? Trestman said. “He’s got unique tools for a guy his size. We want to make sure we do a total evaluation. He wants to be around and is willing to do whatever it takes.?

Un autre nom a retenir est Washington qui est sur la charte maintenant comme retourneur.

Lorsque j’écris que 2 demis feront partie des 46 joueurs actifs, c’est en plus de Brandon Whitaker; donc,3 demis offensifs pourraient/devraient être parmi 46 joueurs actifs. Au pire,1 sera sur la liste des blessés.


Last game, 6 returns for FIVE yards. :oops: :oops: :thdn:

I'm embarrassed for our team. What is Trestman's BS explanation for our ST unit's abject failure to give our offense ANY kind of field position support?

allowing both Taylor and Owens get away !

We did, however, keep Larry Taylor in check last game. That, at least, was an improvement.

However, we have one KR who dances the boogaloo to the left, boogaloo to the right. Result? A 5-yard loss! The other one can’t hang on to the ball. We’re still having great difficulty in this area and haven’t found anyone who can do the job.

The D did have its best game so far. The Ticats will be no pushover; I think it’s going to be a long season. While this is not a rant, AC was beaten up last game - Mr. Trestman, you have a QB chomping at the bit on the sidelines named Adrian MacPherson. It’s time to give him some game reps; AC needs to rest for a game or two.

I don’t buy that, honestly. I mean, I get your point, you’re right, they’re both dynamic kick returners, better than anyone we have on our roster. But our blocking has been so poor that the returner is swarmed before he has a chance to accelerate. He has no initial holes, and when Devine isn’t fumbling the ball, someone on the blocking team is taking a penalty to push us back. Would LT make us better? Sure, but not that much better. I don’t think anyone could function effectively with the BS unit we have on special teams.

Look at the blockers on replay. They stroll down the field at half speed, seemingly indifferent to staying in their gaps. They are routinely beaten to the play by other teams’ cover units. You could have Pinball Clemons in his prime back there and we’d still be starting at our own 10 most of the time.

I watch Andy Bischoff on the sidelines, and he looks clueless, standing there in his ridiculous track suit with his mouth hanging open after every terrible ST play. Is this a guy who can enforce authority over his unit? Not from where I’m standing. Get Doug Berry or Noel Thorpe to coach up that unit, and let Bischoff concentrate on being RB coach and admin assistant to Trestman.

Players in the end have to make plays. Look at the best coached (Toronto) cover teams last night, they were brutal, that and Prefontaine cost them an important game. I don't think you should get personal with Bishof's attire LOL ! as a clue to what is going on. Your better than that.

LOL, I wasn't really being serious about Bischoff's attire, though if Andy reads these forums: Andy, lose the track suit! It does you no favours. :lol:

Attire is beside the point. I just don't get the sense that he knows how to correct errors of execution or effort. Game after game after game, the mistakes and penalties pile up. He seems powerless to do anything, and that's not what you want in a coordinator.

Keep in mind the only guy who has leverage is Trestman. He's the guy who decides on employment and playing time. I think our ST were much better in week 3 so I'm encouraged.

Half of it was better -- we did a good job of containing Taylor on kick coverage. The other half was putrid. I'm sorry, but when you have 6 punt returns for 5 frackin yards, your unit has not succeeded that week. Never mind how Calgary successfully executed a FG fake and caught us completely napping. When do we get a positive big play from ST? In the fourth quarter of a blowout game we're losing?

No question. But we went from inept to manageable :slight_smile:

I'd say we went from totally inept to partially inept.

I do not disagree with you on the blcoking scheme(s) and lack there of. But both Taylor and Owens have also been swarmed yet still often manage to find a way out and make something out of nothing. I can not recall the last time any of our KR/PR doing something along those lines. It has been a long time since we have seen a solid return of any kind.
A KR/PR has to be able to make something happen every once and awhile.