Special team not so special

I mentioned it in the game thread but now this issue is becoming more of an issue on its own. As I mentioned two touchdowns were scored yesterday because of poor punts. The first one was a shank and that gave Hamilton a very short field and they made the most of it scoring a touchdown. The second was a short line drive kick (35 yards I read in the LP) and It comes all the way back. 4 touchdowns allowed directly off kicks this year and with the one shanked one that makes 5. That in 11 games is terrible.

Milo has a hard enough time kicking field goals and to have him doing double duty has lead to double trouble. We brought in a punter for a reason or at least I would assume so, but is he still around? If so why are we not using him? If it's because he doesn't look good why keep him around and not bring someone else in? With the offense being just that "awful" then we can not be giving up any points on special teams. Yes sometimes a returner is very good and just needs one seam and is gone, but the issue I'm seeing isn't so much that happening as much as it is the cover team is not getting enough time to get down and cover. This has everything to do with the punter and his ability to kick not only deep but with enough hang time to allow the guys to get down field. Milo has not being kicking either deep or with hang time. That spells trouble. There must be some cuts from the NFL that can do better I would have to think and no the money of course is not near as good still a job is a job. If Aussie bob is going to be out for any amount of time then realistically I can't see going the rest of the way with Milo doing both. If we do our chances of getting to the playoffs I think will get a lot dimmer.

I agree he has had some bad execution lately, but to be fair, 3 of the long snaps Sunday were in the dirt.

Milo is having a horrible year, directly and indirectly, he has cost us alot of points this year :cowboy:

Once again another touchdown allowed by the special teams. This one cost us a win and no chance of a home game. How many touchdowns have we given up this year on special teams? Seems like one every 2 games is scored against us.

This is not in any way acceptable and Milo should be looking for employment next year. Yes I blame a lot of this on Milo and not being able to kick deep and have hang time. The guys are on their horse to get down field and can not get there under control because of the short kicks and no hang time.

Milo you are the weakest link. Good bye.