Special "Labour Day Show" today at 12 noon..CHML

Tune into www.900chml.com today (Sunday) at 12:05 pm after the noon news for a special 2 hour edition of the Tiger-Cat Show...."live"

To listen on your computer, go to the "listen live" tab on the CHML website..

here's some of the line-up for the show:

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Good Show so far...still an hour and 15 minutes left. Leo Ezerins is on now...


It was quite a good show and an interesting one as well I must say. It was twice as long as usual, and when listening to it, it was quite appropriate that it was that long. In the show just before Labour Day, there seemed to be twice as much that needed to be said. There were interviews with Darren Flutie and Earl Winfield in which Labour Day was discussed, and it was interesting to hear what they said. I'm not sure if a podcast of the show will be available by tomorrow for those who missed it, but it was an appropriate one for the Labour Day weekend.

And also, it was during the show that I found out that Corey Holmes will be taking Josh Ranek's place as the starting running back. This makes sense as it was Holmes who had a great game against the blue team during the season opener. And he's announced as the starting running back ahead of Ranek in this first game since Paopao has been fired. Coincidence? And it was also interesting to hear Lancaster mention why Brooks and Myers were cut.

Ron said Bobby Brooks is 30 yrs. old
and we have young guys with potential
in Americans Steve Josue and Dave Dixon.

Ron said we're going with Jamie Boreham
as our kicker for the rest of this year.