Special i-d needed for paying fans......

I do that Already Mr cats
Only I give my Seat location

8) Oh bg, congratulations !!! That has to be one of the best comeback quotes I have ever read on this site !!!
You are on a real roll now bg, keep it coming !!!!!                  <!-- s:lol: -->:lol:<!-- s:lol: -->

Hope I get this right: STHx4yrsS7CEFowwBBGN
(Seasons Ticket Holder; 4yrs; Section 7; Converted Eskimos Fan (often wonder why); bleed black and gold now

What about Kenny Peters
who is a NPECFwgp2BEC

A non-paying extremely cynical fan
who gets paid to be extremely cynical.


paying fan 13 yrs. Season seats Box J boy watching 52 years not very happy

OK. OK. I give up.
I tried an explanation for the few that missed the whole point of the thread.
Now someone thinks I want to create a "lower class" of fan......I can't wait to see the next imaginary agenda I will be accused of foisting on everyone here.
Maybe I should have stuck to: " Hey guys...gosh, golly gee...those fans who turn out each game to watch this team lose sure are terrific!"
Anyway...my apologies for creating some ambiguities with the thread.
Its not all bad though...it sure has attracted some hilarious responses thanks to hendy, borehamgirl and the Cap'n.

Well ya gotta to admit, ya got people to post! :smiley: