Special i-d needed for paying fans......

We have two types of Tiger-Cat fans on this forum.
Those who pay for tickets...and those (like me) who either can't make it to the games or are happy to be non-paying fans no matter where they live.
I propose that the paying fans should add "PF" to their signatures or forum name...like OC (Order of Canada) or UE.
The "PF" designation would allow the rest of us to pay due respect and read carefully what they say.
Its easy to be in the peanut stands and demand this or that from this team.
But the paying fans, especially the long time season ticket holders, are the ones who keep this team afloat financially. Its a wonder that so many of them have not given up yet. They are the true heroes out here in fan-land. :thup:

Late edit: I am NOT suggesting the paying fans are the only ones who should post here. This is a tongue in check way of acknowledging their loyalty.
I thought the above post was clear....sorry for any confusion it may have caused.

How about a great big "L" on our foreheads?

Finally we agree on something, mr62cats.

I hope the Lord lists me in the Big Book as RonFromTIGERtown. [PF]

Ron: I knew there had to be something we could agree on. :stuck_out_tongue:
Wear the PF proudly. :thup:

please consider the sheer silliness of this one… a guys a paying fan for one year… he gets to comment… a guy HAS been a paying fan for a decade and finally figures it out… he has not credibility…
why not be really accurate and do it by seat location… that way the fans who pay the most are listened to the most…

Picky picky, smokey..the thought was the thing

Putting letters after our names is never going to happen

I don't want people to KNOW I actually pay to watch this team, so there'll be no PF behind my name.

Oh wait a minute, I just blew it didn't I? :oops:

I think this idea is the most ludicrous post i have ever read on here. Have any of you not heard of freedom of expression, ideas and speech. Just because someone isn’t a paying fan should not prevent them from having an opinion or having their ideas be valued less because they choose to or cannot support the team at the gate.

Here are the facts. Fans that follow this team that don’t buy tickets should be and I hope always be able to express their thoughts and they be valued just as someone who pays at the gate. If a fan watches every game on TV then they pay in other ways. They are a viewer and TSN and or other networks need these number s to generate ad revenue. This non-paying fan may purchase merchandise that directly impacts the organizations bottom line and the fan may visit this website that again is measure as a hit and permits this organization to sell ad space.

I am a fan of several sports teams throughout North America but do not or have never paid at the gate. Geographical and economics prevent this however, i participate on their on-line forums without the stigma of not paying at the gate.

This is a very slippery slope if we begin to mark and label paying at the gate fans to ones that pay in other ways. It’s a very righteous idea without much thought.


Hey.... we could have categories.

Like - I'm a PF5SSCFZGW44EEC.

This means that I'm a (Paying Fan) X (5 years with Season Seats) ./. (Cheap Family Zone Guy) + (Watched the Cats for 44 years) - (Entering extreme cynicism).

This could be fun and distracting. What's your code?

You are not alone. Politicians make me puke too.

Hey.... we could have categories.

Like - I'm a PF5SSCFZGW44EEC.

This means that I'm a (Paying Fan) X (5 years with Season Seats) ./. (Cheap Family Zone Guy) + (Watched the Cats for 44 years) - (Entering extreme cynicism).

This could be fun and distracting. What's your code?

What? No other takers? Where's the sense of absurdity these days.... all on the field? :slight_smile:


hey im a ti-cats fan that lives pretty close to calgary... i have season tickets to the stamps because i love watching football but everytime the ti-cats come to town im in the stands with a "timmy chang" jersey and i always go to the stamps store and buy something with a ti-cats logo on it. does this mean im a paying ti-cats fan even when i live close to calgary and go to stamps games. im also a young kid who just started watching the cfl about 3 years ago and im sure that no matter what happens to the ti-cats i will always be a ti-cats fan.

I'll take this on.

From this day forward you can either call me 'paul' or PFX18ISTHOSS7W25EECLY.

And obviously that stands for Paying Fan X 18 years(ISH), Season Ticket Holder Occasionally, Section 7, Watching 25 years, Entered Extreme Cynicism Last Year.

Well that just rolls right off the tongue.

I feel like an inmate.

  • paul / PFX18ISTHOSS7W25EECLY

Then you obviously don't read this site very often.

What about the people that dont buy season tickets, but buy tickets to almost every game..who in fact pay more per ticket?

What about people who cant make games due to distance or any other number of valid reasons, but buy a ton of merchandise?

This idea is fatally flawed

Whoa'whoa.....hold on fer just a minnitt!!!!!!!

I did NOT say the forum should be only for paying fans!!!!
I was just saying those fans who go to the games are a long suffering bunch who deserve some respect.
I was using the "PF" thing as a tongue in cheek way of acknowledging their loyalty.
Guess I should have stuck around for a while after I started this thread. Looks like it got away from me!

This is a very slippery slope if we begin to mark and label paying at the gate fans to ones that pay in other ways. It's a very righteous idea without much thought.
I expect this type of elitist attitude in Toronto, but not the working class hero society of Hamilton. More often I have read on this forum of some peoples opinions being worth more than others due to season ticket location or number of posts on this forum. It makes me sick. I loved this team and cheered for them from one side of this country to the other. No I dont have season tickets, and I cant even watch every game because of my occupation and family responsibilities. So if that means that I am not a true fan even though I do not knock my team in the hard times, then thats ridiculous. To me a fan loves the team, theyb dont need to spend all their money on the team. As long as you cheer hard (positively) then you are alright with this cat. To the losers who bring negativity to the team because we dont win every game and you think you wasted your money and call to fire everybody you should be ashamed of yourselves. Go move to Toronto and cheer for the Bills.


My original post was done in fun to recognize the loyalty of those who pay to watch this losing team. Thats all. I was not suggesting everyone else should not be allowed to post. Like you I buy the merchandise too but live 2 1/2 hours from Hamilton.

But yes...I definately would consider you a paying fan :thup: Feel free to add "PF" to your name!
I have been a Tiger-Cat fan for 47 years even though I have not lived in Hamilton for most of that time.
It makes me feel good to see someone like you cheering for the Tiger Cats way out there near Calgary! Oski-wee-wee!!!!!

Mr62cats, my comments are aimed at the people who judge others and place them on a scale of loyalty measured only by how much they spend. Last game I went to I was in box J for the first time (against Montreal, season opener) drove down 5 hours from Sudbury to hear the fans boo my team no matter what they did. We were once the best fans in the CFL. Now we expect the best, ignore good play and boo rather than cheer. Sure winning will erase the negativity but we need more positivity in the stands to help the atheletes win. The season ticket holders are probably holding the team back more than the players.

I don't get this post; so only people who live in the Hamilton area are "true fans" and the rest of us are, as you say, the peanut gallery? I guess I should have moved out of the house when I was 12 and started following the 'Cats (that was 31 years ago) and lived on the streets and saved my pop bottles to buy tickets? Or perhaps I should have insisted that the army only post me to Toronto so I could drive to every 'Cats game to be a "real fan". I will tell my wife we have to move off Vancouver Island to Hamilton, must have my season tickets.

BTW - It is television revenue that keeps the CFL going along with all that advertising. Sure ticketed fans are INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT and no club can live without them, but neither will the CFL survive without broadcasting.

TFX31TF (tv fan 31 years and totally frustrated)