Special event themes - Masters Golf forum themes

i have installed a Masters Golf theme in both light and dark for a limited time. they are available with the other themes from your hamburger drop down menu (near the bottom) and via your user profile preferences. you will need to refresh you settings by clicking forums.cfl.ca to get the options. they will disabled the week after the Master's is over. includes some golf icons. should work in both desktop and mobile. thanks!

i will be disabling the Master's themes today folks. tournament is over for another year even though they are my fav themes.

I used mine during the tournament but went back to my usual on Monday. I loved the theme but would only use it during Masters week.

Just wondering what “disabling” means. Does that mean you can resurrect the theme easily? I know you were working on other themes as well. Will they also be available and then disabled? Is it possible not to disable them so anyone who wants to use them at anytime can? Or does this take up too much space or cause some other technical difficulty?

Just questions from a non techie.

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oh i can leave them, there is no real reason not to other than the event is over and maybe too many choices for users lol. disabling means i just turn it off by making it so users can't use it (i can still see it if i want). i was going to back it up and uninstall it to keep the theme customization interface tidy (there are also color palettes for each theme). i basically just used the same template i made for the football field ones for the Masters themes.

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Abby corner is so nice tho