Special CFLer Report!!!

Its pretty obvious that football is fake. Except for arena football, and highschool and college and that stuff. Like teams always make these Miraculaous comebacks in the fourth quarter for front page news. Me and alot of other people think its just Some sort of Media Scam. Like when ever they score a touchdown the anouncers get so Dramatic just trying to make it sound better than it is.

CFLER2006 over and out.

is this a joke?

no its not a joke. I know alot of people who believe it too.

LOL this is the funniest thing i have red in a long time.


I dont even think its funny... Sounds more like the most retarded thing I've read in a long time.

Sounds like a joke to me.
I really like the part about arena football being real


....'Special' report....in an olympic way....

Football is fake? Amazing thing, peyote. It really takes the minds places you never thought it could, and come up with pure fantasy. Announces are human beings, they get excited on a play that results in TD just like the rest of us. Ive never seen a CFL be front page in a national newspaper just a few local ones. Some media types cut down the CFL because they have nothing else to dump on, say a sport that deserves to be questioned, such a baseball, specificall MLB. You see guys making $25 million a season. A season!!.Now that is fake. You want to see fixed games , look no further than baseball. Guys who hit close to 50 HRs when it looks like they should be lucky to get 20. Steroids rampant in the game. Buddy, CFL is about as real football that you will ever see.

I think he is getting football and figure skating confused, thats a very common mistake.

...why are you guys even giving this guy,cfler2006, the time of day....get real my friend... :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

I bet he thinks wrestling is real

I think R&W had it best with his olympic reference

…you are darn right you have a right to your opinion and we have the same equal right to laugh ourselves silly over it…

Although CFLER2006 assertions are a bit silly, to say the least, I am a bit disappointed with 42monkey42 and RedandWhite's attitude toward special olympics. A bit of a retrograde stance these days, don't ya think?

....my apologies for a crude joke...

It must be, I can’t imagine people being so stupid as to actually believe that football games are scripted.

More like a “special report” in a McMahon way. :wink:

Ummmm, don’t laugh at that one. I had a neighbour in the seventies that was upset because the local Newspaper dropped the “All_Star Wrestling” results.

He threatened to cancel his subscription because he couldn’t follow, Bull Dog Brown, Gene Kiniski, Dutch Savage and company!

Torontonians went through a similar bout of outrage a couple weeks back because due to a "printing error" (personally believed to be a bigger load of bull than the ones McMahon used to spread), the long-standing tradition of the "Sunshine Girl" disappeared for one day. Sure, she could still be seen that day on their website, but there were quite a few irate Sun readers that day.