Special Announcement for Season Seat Holders?

When I attended the last game at the stadium, they made an announcement that we couldn't do the meet and greet on the field with the all time team and that the Ticats would be making a special announcement regarding what we would be getting instead. Has anything been said? I have had no word and we had 2 of the special passes! :x

Yeah the weather screwed all that up for us but I also have been waiting to see what this special announcement would be. So far no news. :expressionless:

We were also eagerly anticipating the meet and greet with the HOF Cats, and were quite dismayed when the announcer cancelled the post game event.
..and I purchased a ton of merchandise for the alumni to sign as well :cry:

hopefully the club will organize something similar in the near future as remuneration.

I was really looking forward to this but logistically it might not be possible bringing in all these people again just for an autograph session.

true Krisiun, logistically speaking it would be very difficult to assemble the same cast, as some made the trek from the states or other far away destinations.
that being said, a few alum reside in the general area (GTA/Southern Ontario) thus may be a possibility for the club to arrange for a meet and greet with these esteemed players.

Being completely drenched and nearly frozen by the fourth quarter of the final game, one consolation I kept reiterating was that after the game we'd be conversing with the legends of yesteryear and coming home with cherished TiCats memorabilia to add to the man cave.

well, as an assuage, at least we were able to partake in the closing ceremonies and nostalgia of good ol' IW.

Does anyone from management want to comment on this? Or are you going to keep us in limbo. The announcement said we would be made aware of their plans in a couple weeks. Its been a month now!!!!!!

Maybe the special announcement they meant was about our 2013 Season Seat renewals. :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe it's like Christianity, just have faith, give 10 percent of what you earn to your church and voila when you pass on, you will be awarded a tier one, premier maybe?, spot in heaven. 8)

But you have to have faith that will happen. :wink:

EARL...YOU OWE ME NOW :wink: I just burst out loud at work after reading this and everyone now knows I was goofing off on "company time". (actually they know I do this all the time but I'm good at what I do so they overlook it)

right now...I think the Ticats are trying to figure out what, where , when, why and how to satisfy everyone and get next year settled. Bob hasn't been on the forums lately and I think he is letting the people he has hired to get it sorted out and then he will make an announcement. I have faith :wink: :wink: 10%...? not likely :lol: Heaven on earth to me would be a GC win. :rockin:

Maybe you might like a little time with RevClark and me. There might just be a small point or two here that we could discuss. :slight_smile:

I've struggled with faith over the year with my Catholic and Christian upbringing. I have total respect for those that are able to have true faith in times when things just don't make sense. But yes, another discussion.


The special announcement was the additional seat fee for Guelph.

Oh boy.

And Tier 1 / Tier 2 groupings! :lol:

And more coaching and GM turmoil...

I take it from all the previous that nothing ever was decided as to what was to replace the on field meet and greet sessions.

Just asking as it came up in conversation over Christmas

Still nothing to report. I am done with false promises from this organization. For years my family has been buying Platinum seats and this is how we are treated.

I think is will be during the 2013 Season, not now when it is snowing out :wink: You can imagine the logistics of playing at another stadium, The preperation and organization of moving has to be overwhelming :thdn: I would relate it as moving form your house to an apartment x 100,000

8) If you are a season ticket holder, then you should have received an e-mail yesterday from the Cats, inviting you to an
  exclusive autograph session for season ticket holders.

   The event takes place on Sat. Feb.9 at 1 Jarvis St., and runs from 10 am till noon.

    Former and present players include, Less Browne, Rocky DiPietro, Willy Bethea, Dave Stala and Peter Dyakowski.

Does that include those bumped down to the tier 2 level?