Spec says to wear white on Monday..is anyone going to?

I recall reading in the Spectator that the fans r to come wearing white to creathe a white out effect along with the players all white uniforms, so question is how many ppl are actually going to follow this?


not me.


Are the ticats going to an all-white ( jerseys & pants) look?

yes they are .

i am going in black..

I didn't spend over $200 on a jersey to leave it in the closet. I'll be wearing my black home jersey. (Plus, I think this "don't wear white after Labour Day" promotion is utterly stupid.)

Not me.

I'm not very good at keeping the mustard and ketchup inside my hot dogs.....if the Tiger-Cats supply lobster "bibs" I might consider it


I will be in Black

As in white flag?

An Argo fan

I considered wearing a white Prefontaine jersey I have with white pants to keep in the spirit. But I think the promotion is going to be a fizzle, especially with so many fans, like PC45, having black jerseys. That combined with the fact that DA may break a record, and it's a done deal I'll be in my dark blue #9 jersey.

with all the rain we've had this weekend, I think I'll pass :smiley:

What's wrong borehamgirl....afraid of a little 'ol wet t-shirt contest? The rain never held you back in Ottawa last year. :stuck_out_tongue:

So the disgruntled fans are going to wear black in protest or to make a statement about the current state of our franchise, correct?
Does anyone really think they'll stand out in a stadium filled with fans wearing our primary colours of Black and Gold?

Donning one of the teams colours will look a lot more like a strong show of support than anything negative, or you'll all just appear to be really really big Johnny Cash fans.

I'm with borehamgirl, weather will be lousy - cold if not wet. I won't be wearing white either... may accessorize with a white scarf and a pink Ti-Cats hat.

And I have wondered if this is an attempt to get the entire crowd to wear white in an attempt to create some sort of "sea of white" effect. If so, this may not be the best game for that. While there might be a sellout crowd, there may be quite a few fans coming down the QEW who'll be wearing blue. But it'd be interesting to see, as the supporters of the blue team would be much more visible in that case.

And speaking of Damon Allen, with the way it's almost certain he'll break that passing yard record, I hope my fellow Ticat fans will applaud him when it's announced he broke that record.

fans should bring signs to cut maas, ranek, morealle, hitchcock, etc., similar to the anti-tom donahoe campaign in buffalo last season.

Also there better not be any of those fat hairy guys walking around with no shirt trying to fight fellow ti-cats fans.

if cheering means throwing beer on the field.

I will be wearing my black jersey to the game tomorrow, with my black tophat.

If I were going, I'd not be wearing white.... I don't think anyone needs to know I go commando :smiley: :o :lol: