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The Ticats loss on the weekend to the archival Toronto Argonauts have renewed calls for dramatic changes to alter the fortunes of the 3-7 football club. Which of the following options do you agree with?
(I think they mean "[i]archrival[/i]") http://www.thespec.com/


They picked the right word. It means the Blue team will be history after the regular season. :slight_smile:
I hope.

Although there may be a certain large percentage of Hamiltonians who would be looking forward to that happening to the TigerCats so no new stadium gets built. Just from some comments I read here and there. :wink:

Does anyone have any insight as to why some people are so adamantly against the tiger-cats? I read the opinions and comments section all the time and there are always people who don’t even want them in town. Just as an example, comments like these:

Not Worth supporting.. The Tiger Cats are a waste of time. Building them another stadium is a waste of taxpayers money. They are year after year, a "also played" team in a very thin 8 team football league. They are a joke, and the City of Hamilton will be better off next year when they are not in town...we can only hope, politicians realize it and tell them to stay away.
There are so many others I could pull if I looked, and they're way worse but I'm not going to bother. I'm sure lots of people on here have read them already anyway.

I don't get it either Allen. I think some of it has to do with the TigerCats reinforcing what some of these people don't want to admit and would prefer to deny, that they live in Hamilton, not a major city type of thing that doesn't have a "major" league team and that. They may think of the Canadian Football League as beneath them sort of thing because the players don't make the big money etc. They think of themselves as part of say a Toronto in their heads. Part of it also might be some jealousy towards Caretaker and his success in life

I do find it odd as someone coming from London, I always found it neat that a CFL team was so close in Hamilton with a great name and uniforms, even though I was an Argo fan. It's a shame but there isn't much I can do about it. We have such a wonderful and historic league in the CFL and I really love the league as do most if not all of us here on this board. But the hatred towards the Cats seems to go deeper than just being a non-fan as I mention above somewhat. :?

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One other thing. You would think people would find it cool that Hamilton has a team that allows it to win the national football championship of Canada and earn the honour of hoisting the Grey Cup. I mean it's the Grey Cup, 100 years old! Again, very odd again not so much as being a non-fan, I get that, but actually saying publicly the joke thingy and wanting the team to leave and Hamilton would be better off etc. Better off not having a chance to be champs of Canada and not have Hamilton on national television? And have the Grey Cup in their city for a year as winners? Don't get it. :? :?

Bitterness from the "Great Stadium Debate of 2010" still lingers in this community.

The stadium controversy.

That hurt their goodwill, no doubt about it.

But why and to exactly what demographic and personality type of people? A lot more going on in people's heads that I don't quite understand and I don't mean asking people to be fans but rather why do non-fans want to post comments disparaging towards the Cats, going out of their way it seems in some cases on The Spec, RTH etc. to post?

Part of me is thinking I'm not interested in such "goodwill" from these personality types. The stadium debate didn't lose any goodwill that I have towards the Cats, albeit I'm a fan of the team and league to begin with. Although in the day of the Internet, it's common to go around bashing for no reason other than to bash something getting yourself in print, sort of like graffiti I suppose, keeps some people busy in an otherwise mundane life for them. :? If anything my thinking as I've come to see is that the WH has been kept for more sustainable residential and light retail development, much better than putting a stadium there. That has actually increased my goodwill towards Caretaker and the Cats as my wife and me love going there and feel a stadium could have quite possibly ruined the ambiance of the area.

I mean it's a stadium, it's not like it's something really huge like a tornado hitting your town or forest fire. But then I don't quite get all the hype and controversy surround the 1 way to 2 way street conversion. I know it's an issue and I understand the wanting for this conversion as some say, yes, but not something I would go and get all emotional about.

I meant the Tiger-Cats' goodwill, as in "Goodwill is an accounting concept meaning the value of an asset owned that is intangible but has a quantifiable "prudent value" in a business for example a reputation the firm enjoyed with its clients"

Ah, ok, "goodwill" with simply a dollar value attached as some see it as defined in their view as what is value based. A restrictive definition but a definition none the less.