Spec: Marshall on Thin Ice?

Never mind skates a loss tonight and Marshall is on thin ice riding a ski-doo.

n'est pas?


This is a very level-headed account of what has been going on with the coaching staff (Coach Marshall) this year. Don't let the title mislead you, the article is well-balanced, well-written, and (dare I say it) analytical.

I agree, good analysis by Milton. He is usually thoughtful and balanced, and this piece is no exception.

Yes a very well written article and I totally agree with Steve Milton .

The players have to stop making stupid mistakes at crucial times . Put the pressure on them and make them make the muistakes . Having David Sanchez out wil help and Hamilton has to go after his replacement .

Joe Paopao will not replace Marshall, that would be just plain goofy.

Marshall's downfall will not be the play of the team. It will be his lack of desire to make changes where obviously needed (Defensive Co-ordinator, Kicker). Good coaches make tough decisions all of the time.

Marshall was pained by dumping Baressi last year and (to me), this was a no-brainer. That move should not have pained him at all. He should have dumped Kavis at the same time. Methinks that will be the ONE DECISION that will come back to haunt him (if the axe falls).


On this we agree...and yes I also think that Milton's article is well balanced!

Good article. Discipline...

Milton has been the Hamilton Spectator's best sports writer for several years now. As usual, he's right on target.

I compare his writing to Bob Hanley's when he was sports editor. Bob was never afraid to call a spade a spade either.

Milton brings up some good points but he's sucking and blowing at the same time. I get the impression he wants Marshall gone but being he has to deal with him every day until he is gone, sugar coated the article in the end!

Agree, good article overall without a doubt. Still just an article though and his point of view on this, the media is usually like a map, it can approximate reality to a certain point but it isn't reality and what it chooses to emphasise ie. showing all roads compared with typography for example, it will gain with one thing and lose on another.

i got that feeling too.