Spec: Covid Outbreak at Corktown Box J Boys Event

Not going to turn this into a covid thread, but an FYI for anyone that may have attended this event. (Though the event was now 10 days ago)

I'm sure the same will have happened at spirit of Edmonton in the evenings.

Thursday and Friday night were bumpin'.

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It wouldn't surprise me if the game itself was a super-spreader event.


nah, game was outdoors.

very little evidence of super spreader events outdoors.

Yes. More likely a lot of transmission from the indoor events where people have masks off, drinking, talking up close. Saw that two vaccine doses is only something like 35% effective at preventing spread of the Omicron variant.
We’ll probably see big spikes in the case numbers by the weekend if not sooner.


more like shouting up close.

things were loud at any event I was it....probably most so Saturday afternoon at Stonewalls for the blues band (2pm-4pm). It was also packed.

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