There seems to be many spearing penalties this season in the CFL. My question is "Do you think the Argo player speared Durant on the play that cracked his ribs?" He did lead with his helmet, but there was no infraction call on the play. Will it be reviewed by the league office? If it is will the player get a suspension? Is it not time that the players association looed at defendind its injured players instead od defending players who break the rules of the game? Spearing is very dangerous as we have all seen and something has to be done about it. Best of luck and a full recovery for all injured players on all teams. :frowning:

Properly executed form tackling will look much like spearing. Spearing only happens when the primary point of contact is the head. Simply leading with the head isn't quite enough.

Notably, there's a video called "heads up tackling" that I think every amateur player should watch.

I don't think that particular hit was a spear. What has scared me for years is contact between the top of the tackler's helmet and the bottom of the tacklee's facemask. That has whiplash, soft tissue damage, and concussion written all over it.

Head-on-head collisions are also scary to me. In the Jason Tucker situation, I wonder if he wasn't hurt after the first blow but kept playing and did the serious damage on the second big hit.

I also wonder if the CFLPA has a member on the rules committee.

It looked like a clean hit (and I'm a Rider fan). DD was vulnerable as he was exposed, and Mays drilled him.

I've always understood spearing to be when you lead with the crown of the helmet - the replays I saw, I didn't get the impression that was what happened.

Agree and I am a Rider fan, it was a clean hit, the facemask hit first.

Im a fan of neither and he hit with the top of his helmet not the facemask

I also believe the hit was clean, and those types of hits are a part of football. If you choose to question every big hit that happens, they all can look "dirty" in some fashion. I dont believe it was a spear, just a good hard play.

I thought the hit was pushing the envelope regarding spearing. I'm surprised that last year the CFl were protecting the QB's so much, they were going to start wearing pink uniforms. Now, after seeing that hit, maybe the pendulum swung to far.

Maybe a fine?

Suspension..ha,ha,ha, yeah, like the CFLPA will let that happen.......... :roll: :roll: :roll:

Spearing is dangerous...although on that play it was just a good hit. Not only is it dangerous to the person getting hit....but if done in a certain way dangerous to the hitter. Ex Kevin Everett of the Buffalo bills.

I haven't had a chance to review that play in detail yet--maybe tonight.
But my first thought when I saw the replay was, "shouldn't there have been a penalty?"
No suspension though. Its football!! you don't suspend a guy because there should have been a penalty on a given play, but the ref missed it....