Im BEFUDDLED about the play that just happened moments ago a spearing call on Anderson to continue the lions drive. Now maybe its just me but if the QB is fighting for more yards and still moving you hit him =. not a dirty hit he lead with his shoulder body sideways. Anyone have any thoughts....

And thank god for that interception it made me less fuming! =D

Brutal Call

and then people wonder why everyone questions the calls by the cfl officials = who just pulls out spearing out of their bag of tricks.?

yeah that call was Bull



Can we at least get one call??? Anderson lead with the shoulder not the helmet.

horrible call.
for it to be spearing anderson has to use his helmet which he didn't. what is this ref looking at?
also the spot on the one 2nd and short they gave bc is a joke.

brutal call....Clean hit

The whistle hadn't even gone on the play....not too mention in no way whatsoever was that spearing.

Terrible terrible call.....and lets not forget the call on the very next play.

I'm not one to complain about losing because of bad calls, but that was just a horrible dispay by the officials last night. That spearing call was probably one of the top 5 worst calls I've ever seen. The call after that was not far behind.

I was livid. As far as I'm concerned we won that game.

I just finished watching the game. I played that play forward and backward. Zoomed in on Anderson played it frame by frame and and all I can say is that was truly the most horrendous call I have ever seen.

Between that and the pass interference in the end zone I am saying heads need to roll. I am so completely p*ssed off I would love to meet those officials in the boxing ring!!!

If you can swing that, I'll be in your corner for the fight.

Me too!


"You can kill the zebra, Rock!" :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Oski Wee Round Three,

Thanks for your support you two.

Guess I'd better start training harder. There are seven of them.

ah seven to one....fair fight. Guess the zebra's will avoid you as they don't believe in being fair. lol.

To be honest to the majority(?) of the referees. I have noticed a real improvement in their accuracy and (yes I'll say it!) fairness this year. Thursday's bunch were brutal however. I guess this means that the improvement I've noticed is not across the board. Oh well.

An ever hopeful,

This could get ugly...Toronto Police vs. Chilean under 20 Soccer team ugly!

terrible call

I think this describes the call perfectly.


Did anyone see Adam Braidwood "mic'd up" for TSN the other night, asking the refs if they'd seen "that commercial where the ref admits he was wrong"? That was hilarious.

Belli quoting Meat Loaf last night was great too.