speaking of uniforms

You making this statement, what a surprize. On top of that about 1/3 of all your posts involve the Riders and your pretend hate for them. Time to get over the Sask envy IMO. Isn't there some tampering you could go help Hervey with? Esks are going to need all the cheating they can come up with to stay ahead of the Bombers for last in the West yet again.:lol: :lol:

I just learned that the Tiger-Cat logo is the exact reverse of the Princeton University Tigers logo...

Another fool to put on ignore.

Slight difference in colour - more orange than yeallow - but yes, they are exact reverses.

Story has it that Jake Gaudaur drew the logo for the Tiger-Cats in the 1950s, and Princeton started using it in 1964. Whether Gaudaur did the actual drawing or worked with someone to have it done, I have no idea. There is also some dispute as to whether Princeton actually asked for permission to use it. One story I heard - can't remember where - was that someone associated with the Ticats ended up working at Princeton and introduced it there.

So the Ti-Cats used it first then?

Makes sense. the Packers copying the Esk Hom... ah, never mind.

I guess the humour must have gone over your head, sorry I'll try to dumb it down next time.

In fact, Green Bay adopted their colours 1 year after the Eskimos...

The current uniform colours, green and gold, were adopted when the Eskimos received uniforms from the University of Alberta Golden Bears football team, which was dormant due to a lack of competition in 1949.

By 1950, the Packers changed their colors to hunter green and gold. Navy blue was kept as a secondary color, seen primarily on sideline capes, but it was quietly dropped from the team colors list on all official materials shortly thereafter. The color scheme yields the common Packer nickname, "The Green and Gold".

They should have gone with GREENGOLDS, but they just weren't forward-thinking enough.


I like it too.

Here's a 1963 press guide for sale on ebay showing the leaping tiger logo - from a year before Princeton first used it.


And here's an image of an even earlier press guide, although I couldn't find the related ebay ad, just the image.

Excellent find :thup:

As biased as this sounds, I think the Esks have the best jerseys in the league. Its a bold Green, not like that pansy light green the riders have. I like the 60's Alouettes jersys. The white helmets on their current jerseys people are passing around in this thread are AWFUL. I would honestly put the RedBlacks jerseys top 3, they look amazing. Dont mind Winnepegs gold jerseys.

Edmonton's uniforms suck. Ugly green, particularly awful when they wear green pants. The yellow uniform was among the worst ever in CFL history. Other than that... :smiley:

nice finds CFO.
and here is a photo of the old TiCats ticket office on Main Street E. from 1959 with the same logo on the signage...
(long lineup :thup: )


Unfortunately I don't have a picture but a few years ago the Stamps equipment people put the red jerseys in the wash with the white jerseys and the white ones came out pink. For one game they had to wear the pink jerseys (long before the women's cancer campaigns).

I much prefer Edmonton's evergreen to the Saskatchewan pissy lime green but I would choose the Bombers as my favourite although the Bombers retro jersey is really bad.

[url=http://www.sportslogos.net/logos/list_by_team/807/Princeton_Tigers/]http://www.sportslogos.net/logos/list_b ... on_Tigers/[/url]

The Ti-Cat logo at Princeton was used from 64-83.In 84 up to the present it is used as an alternate logo.In 1998 the school switched helmet design to an orange-black motif logo that they have used up to the present day.So as it turns out the Cats had the logo first and Princeton had it second,having stolen it from the Cats to claim as their own in 1964.Damn Ivy Leagures :lol:

I like this one even better. Very cool. And based on all the men's hats, suits and ties, there's no doubting the age of the photo.

(Not sure what's up with the woman carrying the broom....)

Judging by the date on the one marquee sign on the left(Nov.21)my guess would be that the long lineup was for the Eastern Conference Championship game tickets at Civic Stadium.