speaking of uniforms

I see both sask and wpg winning the cfl.ca poll about who has best uniforms, by quite a bit.

isn't it planting season yet :lol:


The Riders have the nicest looking Green uniforms in the CFL :lol: :roll:

I have always liked Montreal's.

Montreal is the only team who hasn't been able to articulate their logo (in my opinion..).

Montreal needs to get rid of the silver, just go with red, white and blue, and use the white helmet with the red wings they had in the 60's (and used once a few years ago). You can't tell what their current logo is from more than 10 feet away

Riders leading in a poll, that’s a surprize.

I always thought that the Ti-Cats had the best uni until they went to the black helmets... bring back the yellow/gold ones and they are, by far the best in the league. I would put the BC unis of the early 70s and the Als of the 70s next...

The "red wings" helmet was what they had when I started watching the CFL. But I like the current logo. An "alouette" (bird) running with a football through the stylized "A".

I disagree. They've tried replacing silver with white a few times and it just doesn’t look right. Silver is better for them.

I don't recall them replacing the silver with white. When was this?

They try it once a year and it never works

Nice, I personally like those better than their current ones.

When you think about it...CFL logos are terrible... Other then Calgary and Hamilton they all use the first letter of their team name or city/province. Not horribly original. Alot has to do with the age of the teams I guess. You look at the older teams in MLB and it is common as well. I remember years ago on CBC they were showing the East divison standings and they showed the logos beside each record and it spelled WAR. The logos of Winnipeg,Toronto and Ottawa were nothing more then block white letters at the time. Winnipeg has actually gone back to this logo now... Ottawa and Toronto have more or less gone back to it as well. I liked the Argo Logo that included Jason, but I guess they got rid of it for a reason. The Glieberguys butchered the Riders logo so I can see Ottawa's reluctance to change it very much

Bungle, for the first time, I agree with you!
Although, you're not a Mr. yet

I disagree. I think the white looks much sharper than the silver.

If I were running the Als, I'd maybe keep the silver for games against West teams and use the white for games against the East.

And I'd do something with the logo; it needs to be simplified or return to one of the nicer classic logos from the past.

Having said that I do like the Als uniforms and respect how they've maintained their look throughout the Reebok era.

I agree. I much prefer the old A-M logo or the minimalist Alouette head logo. Throw either of those or the bird wings on the white helmet, and it would look great.

Agreed. That was against Toronto where the kicking ensued back and forth. Looks much better and sharper than the silver. :thup:

i think it makes them look like the Bills. puke.

Edmonton's uniforms were so good, Green Bay copied them. :cowboy: :twisted: