Speaking of rule changes........

A few months ago somebody posted the rule changes that the Rules commitee were considering. (Penalty for punting out of bounds was one of them, STraight arming was another)

Has anyone heard or read whether the Board of Govenors have voted on any of the changes? Drummingod, you usually have all the newspaper info.....has anything been said about the proposed changes?

Ohhhh, you're toeing a fine line here Sportsman ... be warned when bringing up rule changes ... Just letting you know, you may soon be hearing about the action point a lot more than punting and straight arms ... otherwise, I haven't heard anything.

They made a decision on which ones were adopted a while ago. All I remember is that the punting out of bounds rule was rejected, and the straight-arm rule was accepted.

WHAT! oh great, so much for starint arms! that rule will chage next year I guarantee you after we lose a few fans. I mean, now when a guy make the move he will get called! what's so wrong with the face mark one witch calls it when it happens?

and how can you reject the Punt Penalty? maybe it wasn't done right methinks.

I actually agree with you on one point, Kanga. :shock: In my opinion the straight-arm rule should be unnecessary, because putting your hand on someone's face mask to straight arm them should be either "face mask" or "rough play -- contact to the head".

But the proposed rule against punting out of bounds was a dumb one. Good riddance to it.

somehow I doubt that this will be the last we will here for the Punt Penalty rule (and others, yes, AP include).

I see the point of the straight arm rule, but that why there is the one for face mask. after over 100+ calls this season, it will be dropped, that what I phophersizes (aka predict).

Thanks Big Dave...The sraight arm rule will be interesting to see how it is called and what criteria is used.

In other words, you won't let it die.

Thats okay Big Dave....Tom Wright always needs paper to start his fire in the fireplace.......The action point and 4 point field goals work well for that!

no, just saying that.

My next and last post on here about the AP will likly be TW reposts to my letter.