speaking of penalties....again

collectively, cfl players are a bunch of dumb useless bums who had a lot of nerve wanting a bigger piece of the pie

I see I'm not the only one drinking tonight. :lol:

actually, the truth of my post is a very sad and sobering thought

What do you have against people making money.. Its oike you should live in the US or something where everyone is dirt poor, but there is a huge upper class...myou rip the players for making 80k, but have no problem with Ted Rogers ripping people off and having a 38billion dollar bundle that he litterally stole from average people.

yeah but, wmd or not, it was still right for bush to go after saddam

Someone get FYB a glass of water...

Even though FootBalYouBet needs to be spanked real hard, and I mean super hard - he is right :rockin:

So remove the stabilizing force of a country and throw it into absolute civil war where people run arond cutting peoples heads off.. Yeah, good going Bush..
Saddam would of gassed ISIS before they ever got any traction.

yeah but, all criminals in the world should be sent to antartica to fend for themselves

This has nothing to do with the CFL (and we can move it), but I'm curious: Why was Bush right in creating a war that has been going on for 11 years and counting? The Iraq war is this day's Vietnam.

FYB doesnt think for himself.. He lets Bill Oreilly do that for him


There is way too many penalty flags - clean up the hogwash BS for the 2015 CFL football season :twisted:

I am not blaming the officials. Someone told them to call everything and that's what they are doing.

Call everything? LOL. All except Oline holding apparently. A lot of obvious holding calls being ignored.

Cause the Carlyle group group didn't have enough money. But ya if Saddam was still in power none of this unrest in the Middle East would be happening now .

Oh BTW I just started drinking. :x

That's true. That and intentional grounding in particular by Ray who's been doing it all season.

Don't get FYB all worked up with comments about RR.

It's a mercy thst they are doing so. If not,mthe re would be a flag evey single play.