Speaking of not showing up...

What happened to the Cats? I've been out, so I haven't been watching, but I've been monitoring the score. Cats were up 9-6. Now they're down 24-9. What happened? That's a massive collapse. :o

Preseason, doesn't count....

im sure the game thread is in another forum so i will post here... This bombers game has been one of the harderst hitting games i have seen in a long time. hunt and willis are crazy. i still wish calgary had kept willis.

Just saw the final score. Wow… :o I think it’s safe to say the Bombers gave a staggering blow to the Cats.

.....HMMMMMM.....seems like the media were out to lunch calling this one for the over-rated Cats :lol: Watching Buck perform....you can see why there was a huge, collective GULP in the hammer when Pierce was signed....Wait ,this is just the beginning of a beautiful friendship bewtween Buck and the Peg :wink: :rockin:

Just make sure your O-Line protects him, otherwise things could turn ugly fast. :wink:

Count me as surprised. The pressure was solely on Hamilton this game though, on the road with increased expectations. Looks like Thigpen had a heck of a game for the Cats, good pickup after the Riders released him.

.....i think his td run ...and a crappy horse-collar take down (that should have been called) have dispelled quite a few myths....Buck is as good and safe behind his o line as anybodys qb. in this league.. I think it was Glenn that was pulled and limping off in this one....Buck went the whole way :wink:

The Bombers looked good. Our defense and offense played really well. Have a little work to do on special teams. Great chemistry between Pierce and Edwards. I think a lot of us Bomber fans thought it would take a few weeks for the offense to gel so to have a first game like this bodes well for the season.

I must say i'm dissapointed, in the coaching staff as well as the team as a whole.

First of all, i know bomber fans will be quick to get on KG for this one but you shouldn't. I think we all know Rottier got owned, but what bothers me is that you have an experienced guy like Brian Ramsay sitting on the bench. Don't know why we didn't make the change. Some dropped passes by Drisan James didn' help either.

Second, Beveridge and Shivers also got owned. Another situation where you can clearly see this happening and you have guys like Dylan Barker and Will Heyward waiting on the bench.

Last, terrible play calling. Mike Gibson has to realize than Cobb isn't all round back. you can't keep running him up the middle like that. You have to get him in space on screens and sweeps.

I think you may recall that ti-cats were smashed by the argos in the first week of the season last year. Then they bounced back by going 4-1 in the next 5 weeks.
Just saying........we'll see you again Winnipeg :wink:

......i have to agree about your guy Rottier....He looked like a turnstile out there....But then ....Hunt can make a few o line guys look like that...We'll be ready for the next meeting....most likely with a new returner and Doggett back in the fold....Yes ....we'll see you again ( i think quite a few times in the next little while)...and this time in the hammer....should be a good one.. :wink:

Yes, it was Rottier's first game at tackle and Hunt and Willis were both wayyyyy too quick for him, they were getting off the line too fast and dipping that shoulder before Glenn even got the ball. Then Rottier started focusing too much on getting outside and Hunt would spin back inside and Rottier looked clueless. Then he started going offside on every other play. Guy was REALLY rattled.

Where's that guy who told me playing Winnipeg without Jimenez wasn't going to be a big deal??? :wink:

Like the announcers on TSN, I thought that the horse collar tackle in the first half ought be called too. It appears however that the interpretation of your CFL officials is that it is not against the rules to hold by the collar so long as the man is not pulled down from the rear or behind. That is how the announcer explained as a possible reason for no call later.

After the lineman grabbed the collar, Pierce ducked and the lineman then with a hold pulled him down forward and from the front not from the rear or behind and down as indeed is the dangerous tackle for sake of player safety. Oh sure it looked rough all the same, but being pulled from the collar or shoulder pads forward instead of down and back as from behind is not the same for sake of the safety of the player.

I’m not clear if the interpretation is the same in the NFL, but I’d bet it is.

Otherwise the uncalled Ti-Cats touchdown in the 4th quarter looked like an awful call after review, but then again the ref saw it in real time and determined that the player in real time did NOT have possession at any time when he crossed the plane of the goal line before the ball was forced out of his hands as he hit the ground.

For sure it was damn close, and the announcers explained correctly that a receiver in the end zone/goal area need NOT complete the catch to the ground (remember the 2-pt convert in the Super Bowl that was challenged successfully?), including holding onto the ball upon impact to the ground, as he would have to do in the field of play.

The determination of the receiver’s possession right there cannot be confirmed necessarily without question using slow motion replay, for of course it will look like the player indeed does have possession at various instants via the freeze frames. In regular replay at actual speed, it was just plain too hard to tell. By rule the official’s call prevails in that (unfortunate) case.

However, having made that call this time, the replay officials better be consistent with upholding those sorts of calls made on the field all season long too. For example otherwise one way from replay to tell the receiver has possession, though viewing the replay in slow motion, is if in multiple frames the ball does not rotate or tilt.

All the same the Ti-Cats scored the TD two plays later such that the ruling made no difference IMHO in the ultimate result of the game.

Congratulations to Buck Pierce and the Bombers. Buck is a good leader and everyone's hope is that he stays healthy. What a start. BC fans must be wondering if keeping Printers was the right move.

if Buck stays healthy, he will outplay Printers, but that is a big if I think. Personally, of the QBs on BC roster, I would rather trulay was the starter.

That was on the second horse-collar tackle. On the first one Floyd grabbed Pierce by the shoulder pads and then with his other arm grabbed on to Pierce and pulled him down. I think the referee may have been blocked out by Floyd so he couldn't see that Floyd had hold of the shoulder pads.

The home team has won every game so far.
Look out eskies!

The Ticats have to do something about their O-line problems, or this will be a long season. I'm sure Rottier has the potential to be a great tackle, and the team certainly shouldn't give up on him. But at the same time we can't continue losing games waiting for him to develop. Ron Lancaster used to say that you can expect to lose one game for every rookie in your starting lineup. While Rottier is not strictly a rookie, he is new enough that you can include him in that list.

That's not to take anything away from the Bombers. They played a great game and earned the two points. Even Hamilton's O-line problems were a weakness that the Bombers recognized and were able to exploit. That's excellent coaching. They were pumped up and ready to play, and the Ticats were not. Congratulations to them on winning a game that few people thought they would, and on holding sole possession of first place in the Eastern Division.

Hopefully this loss will have the same effect on the Ticats as last year's Week 1 loss to the Argos. The Cats were able to identify their weaknesses and fix them. The Argos...well, we won't go there; I certainly don't expect the Bombers to do what the Argos did last year.

On a more positive note, it looks like we've finally found a kick returner.

Turkeybend, I'm chomping at the bit to cheer you on with regard to this recurring line of commentary in particular with regard to BC, but with defencive worries with my Esks I'm holding off for now. :stuck_out_tongue: