Speaking of MY rights

Where do people get off trying to own and enabling others to own certain arm or fingers positions?

I will hold up my fingers to say ok anytime I feel like it, even though I hate WS.

If I am celebrating something and in doing so I choose to pump or hold my fist in the air, I will. It is MY RIGHT

They dont own these things. They dont own 23. They dont own any combination of numbers or letter, or any positioning of someone else's fingers or arms.

I do not surrender my rights and freedoms to these slimebags.

Care to elaborate

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I wish football was back


Hear hear :football::rugby_football::beers::beers:

I was prompted by the latest thing I have read.

‚ÄėJeopardy‚Äô Contestant Calls Alleged White Power Hand Sign ‚ÄėTerrible Misunderstanding‚Äô (msn.com)

But I have long been annoyed by words and actions that seem to be appropriated by some group or other.

I think you mean the okay sign and others .

Some of that is wive's tales told by interest groups who try to embolden mental health issues with white supremacy .

It get's elevated like a red cap is equal to a white hood . It's bullshit disguised as some inside news . The right and the left both use it to attract certain dwellers who love the idea there is radical extremism tied to the most benign gestures .

They said the same thing for the illuminati .

The okay sign was for Lucifer followers .

It was used for some as the seeing eye .

For some it means money .

Scuba diving it's all is good .

But for you and me it most likely just mean's okay .

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Good to know.

Not sure why people keep making certain types of signs knowing the scrutiny they are in.

Fair enough ... but because some group adopts a sign, gesture, word, or phrase to have a "hidden" meaning that those outside the group view as negative be prepared to be misunderstood if you use it

It's been the age of outrage long before the age of all this woke and all these folks playing "gotcha" along such lines. In many cases it's the youth who are not familiar with old gestures as much, which some of these groups have adopted, and then there they go all woke again.

When more of this hipster trash gets married or attached and has kids, more will get it as well.

Many half their age in their teens now are not like them, so it should be fun to see the rebellion from the youth against these wokesters before too long.

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Oh cmon
Its kinda funny you complaining about your rights while saying others should shut up and get vaccinated

There are tons of finger / hand / motions that we have banned as a society
You are just feeling old because you did not keep up with the new ones

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yeah, I did notice the irony. People should be less sensitive and less judgemental .

The diff is with what I have mentioned, there is no counter to it as far as direct impact on society.

Actually, I never told anybody to shut up and get vaccinated. I always talk about complying with restrictions and other covid fighting protocols and efforts. I mention bellyaching about rights in that situation as not being justified reasoning for going against these efforts that are in place for the betterment of society as a whole, and also should be temp. How temp depends on EVERY body's cooperation.

As long as one abides by the rest of the covid rules as much as possible, then I do not care if they get vaccinated. I never get flu shots.

People have no legal obligation at all to get vaccinated agains't COVID whether they follow the rules or otherwise. As with anything though, moral obligations to oneself and to society are something are always up for discussion and scrutiny by others.

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But kids are not allowed to attend school without vaccinations, eventually school boards will require the covid vaccination along with the other required shots.

This is not true
Nearly a third on ON students have no vaccines for various reasons (religion, moral belief, etc)

Things like this are why I say it is absurd to imagine people will suddenly vaccinate against Covid en masse

Esp since the fear / doubt for the new rushed out the door vaccine is so high

Papers ran an article that over 1 in 3 ON seniors (worst hit province in Canada) are refusing to vaccinate as we speak
THAT is the main reason younger people are allowed to vaccinate now
Its not like our vaccine supply suddenly got so large

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But it's the law in Ontario for kids to be vaccinated unless they have an afadavit signed for religious beliefs


The US is at 101 MILLION fully vaccinated (both shots), as of this morning, 75% of seniors fully vaccinated and 80% partially. 144 Million partially vaccinated.
If 1 in 3 Ontario seniors are refusing, that is troubling.
Also troubling is that only 1 Million people in Canada are fully vaccinated.

And that makes almost as little sense to me as letting a child die because his/her parents won't allow him/her to have a blood transfusion for "religious" reasons.

in BC we have a group of anti-vaxxers who believe that vaccines contain poisonous ingredients. Many are believers that Trump won the election and hate all things about Canadian government.

i received my shot the other day but did and do have reservations due to speed of things and a distrust of big Pharma.

i also have a 40 year old relative in ICU in Winnipeg with covid .

Want to read about some real, far-out loonies?

Not quite as looney as people running around yelling about how the "ok" sign is a sign of "white supremacy".

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God bless you.

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