Speaking of "injury prone"

Everyone talks about jessie and Clermont being injury prone.
Can anyone tell me the last time Tony “the tiger” Miles actually played a season without being on the IR for several games? Yet I have never heard anyone mention his frequent place on the IR.
I hate to say it but if we’re judging our players on their pronness to injury then I think Tony has got to go

8) I would be very surprised if Tony Miles is even back with the Cats next year. Look for him to be released sometime during this off season !!!

Tony will be Miles away from Ivor Wynne on opening day 2009.

I think most people think that Tony will be releasted into the wild.

Why did the Ars#$@ let him loose......Nice guy - very personable - however, his best days are far behind him.

The Argos let him go because he was an aging, injury prone football player who spent too much time away from the field. He is a nice, personable guy, but methinks it's time to hang up the cleats because he serves no purpose on the IR list.

Either I heard it broadcast or read it somewhere, Stubler didn't want Miles back because of his history of injuries and IR.
With the development of our receivers during this 2008 season I don't see a place for Miles in 2009.

Aside from the aging part, even though 30 is old at his position, does this not sound EXACTLY like Lumsden?