Speaking of injuries...

Good God the Eskimos have a lot of them.

Four key starters are expected to miss Saturday's game

And losing Tucker and Ebell is definitely going to hurt us. We play Hamilton next, a team we have trouble with (lost 3 of last 4 meetings), and then we go on the road, a place we haven't had much luck the last little while.

I think it's time to start drinking heavily during the games! :lol: :lol: :lol:

What, you're not going to make excuses in advance? :lol:

yea the shannon garrett loss is huge because the eskimos are gunna need all the defensive help they can get with Jesse Lumsden running the ball

If RLR can do it, then damnit, so can I! :lol:

Don't remind me, man... :?

Proving once again that ALL teams have injury problems...
I'm not giving Chief an out here, but you know what?
When a team like Edmonton, which is chock full of rookies and inexperience loses a handful of starters, I am going to argue that hurts them more than if a team like BC, which is supposedly hip deep in experience and talent, loses a similar number.

So, the big question should be, is there a team right now that does not have several starters on the sidelines?
The only ones I don't know about are Calgary and Hamilton.
Those two need to fess up and admit their wins this week took unfair advantage of broken teams.

Give your 2 points back!!!!

LOL @ Give you 2 points back. :lol:

Nah, I'm not making excuses for Edmonton. I'm just saying the next few weeks won't be easy. If Edmonton wants to win they'll have to really step it up.

The injury I noted the most was that of Comiskey. Did anyone else notice the pressure on Ray throughout the game?

I think what it'll come down to over the next few weeks in offence. (Lets be honest, Edmonton's defence is... well, almost non-existent at times.) If Ray can run the offence, we shouldn't have a problem out running teams. We still have Acree and Gaylor. And we've still got McClendon.

Acree looked great against the red team. From my perspective though, I hope he won't have a chance to catch the ball from a sacked RR. lol

You never know though as the Cats are near the bottom in total sacks.

Stop making excuses, injuries play no part in the game. This is professional football, every team's second and third stringers should be as good as their starters, right? :wink:

Just be thankful you have Ricky Ray and your #2 guy healthy, it makes a difference.

Just as we get Floyd and Banks back for Friday's game, Jamal Johnson broke his arm and will be out for a while.

...well, you said it yourself July 10, 2007:

So lets hear the excuse of why you might lose this game , if its not injuries... :roll:

Oh don't worry, we still have Dickenson, Marsh, possibly Pierce, Johnson out.

We won't lose though. We're 5-1 with the injury bug, I like our chances to bounce back at home.

Exactly. Jackson is as good as some starters in the league, just not our own. If he was good enough to be our starter he would be when Dave was healthy.

I think Jackson could be a #1 guy on a few teams, and a #2 guy on most.

So this means you wont make excuses the next time the lions get the butts handed to them?

The next time, or the first time? I wouldn't say our last loss was a blowout.

Regardless of injuries, 21-9 isn't too bad of a loss in my opinion.

Shakes head Just when I think you're coming around...

But back to the topic at hand... Just for the record, I wasn't making excuses. I was joking about drinking heavily during the games. I have no illusions about this team. We're young. We're not going to immediately bounce back and win the Grey Cup (but how sweet would that be?).

I just thought it was funny in all the pissing and moaning about injuries, the Eskimos have a couple serious injuries themselves.

I'm willing to indulge in a couple drinks with ya on gamenight....and perhaps more than a couple, depending on who's doing the play-by-play and colour..... :lol:

Right now Calgary's seriously short on import
defensive lineman. Looks like two starters are
unlikely to play this week, and we have no more
import lineman hidden away.

Offensive line is also banged up. McNeil out,
Jones playing with a badly sprained wrist.

Thats actually why i think Edmonton tried to start
something up with two of our O lineman. We were
bare bones going in.

Please don't let it be Walby. I have a kitchen to put back together this weekend. :lol:

Just found out we do have one extra import d lineman.

You guys remember Demetrious Maxie??

He's just signed, was working with Barker upstairs.

I wonder what kind of shape he's in?