Speaking of Grey Cup....

I got my tickets on Saturday from purolator.. :slight_smile:


Still waiting for mine, but they'll probably take longer to get here.

The word on the street is that Matthew Good and TOADM are playing the Grey Cup Molson Canadian Friday Cabaret.

Can't afford to go this year... :cry:

Should post a picture...

hmmm... if I can find my camera cords..lol.. lost them

FINALLY got my tickets today. They look sweet! I'll post a pic on the weekend if I have time.

My brother, father and I will be there and he got the tickets earlier this week. IIRC, we'll be in either section Q or R one or two rows back from the front row. Should be good times!


Can't see it. You might need to loosen up your privacy settings for this pic.

k.. sorry, I dont know how else to post it.. And I have my privacy settings really high on FB because my boyfriends ex was harrassing me.


Understood. Mine are similarly high because a girl I met one time now thinks that we're an item, despite the fact that I haven't talked to her in some two to three years and the last email I sent to her informing her that I had a girlfriend.

Does the one that is above your last post work?


This years Cup tickets look pretty sweet. However, I like last years design better. Last years were more vibrant and had much more colour.

[url=http://i286.photobucket.com/albums/ll93/birdman69_2008/spiddy001-1.jpg]http://i286.photobucket.com/albums/ll93 ... y001-1.jpg[/url]

Be hard to top the finish of last year's as well. I just hope this year's is a good close game until the end.

I'm just hoping it won't be -30C that day!!! :lol:

In addition to getting Grey Tickets, since my buddies and I are coming from out of town, we had to pick up some Oilers tickets. Single seats went onsale today for the game on Saturday November 27th which is during Grey Cup weekend. The game should be a beaut! It's against the Sharks and it's the 2nd leg of the Hockey Night in Canada double-header on CBC.