Speaking of Dewalt

Those of us in the BC blackout area had the pleasure of watching a very pathetic performance by his uselessness in Edmonton, nov 1, 1987.

At least it was nice to watch Dunigan, Pankratz, Kelly, Sandusky, Crawford, Konar, Jackson, Parker, Martin, Byrd, Gooch, Francis and others :rockin:

Roy Dewalt had his moments, Dewalt to Mervin...Touchdown, probably in the top five, of all time combinations...you rock Roy..

However, without Mervyn, he made Feterik look good and Wynn look like Flutie.

I taped it, don't tell me the score~! :lol:

You know, I don't understand, never have understood, the criticism that Dewalt was and is subject to. Is/was he Ronnie Lancaster, Russ Jackson, Doug Flutie (who was???), Anthony Cavillo, etc.? No was he Paul Brothers ( and whole host of miserable excuse for Lions QB's we had foisted on us), or any other teams first strings that didn't make the hall of fame? No. But if you really watched that game you would marvel at his ability to throw a beautiful pass, like the one that set up the winning TD, like the winning TD.

We never gave him credit for what he did. He won us only our second Grey Cup in 30 years. And full credit it to him for that.

those two game ending passes were pretty much all he did good, but yes, once in a while he could throw a good pass, but many can do that. Overall, he was dumb, and you see how dunigan was just about to get blindsided and as if he had eyes in the back of his head, he ducked bent over and the guy went clear over him, then he just stands up and completes the pass. Never see that kind of thing from Dewalt. Mostly bad passes, bad reads, bad decisions, and once he slowed down, couldnt seem to avoid any tackles whatsoever. They won that game in spite of him due to defense and special teams.

Roy suffered from severe turf toe for much of the later part of his career. He was an effective QB for the Lions and was probably better than anyone they could put in there at the time.

But the fans never cottoned onto him, (Cowan! Cowan!) perhaps due to his non-emotional persona and safety-first QBing. But he threw very few INT's, which is half the battle...

As a Ticat fan, I can't imagine what that would be like. :lol:...:expressionless:...:frowning:...:cry:

well, he threw a few in the game they showed last night. When did they start doing efficiency rating? I am quite sure his post Fernandez ratings would all be between 60 and 85. Maybe one 90's