Speaking of 1984..

As it's been mentioned in post-game articles, Winnipeg last started a season 6-1 in 1984 when they started 7-1 for the season. That year, they also won the Grey Cup after a 22-year drought.

This year, the Bombers are going into their 21st year of their Grey Cup drought, so the timing might be right. Looking back at the club's history, it looks like Grey Cups have been won in bunches:

They win in 1935, 1939, and 1941, then have a 17-year drought.
They win in 1958, 1959, 1961, and 1962, then have a 22-year drought.
They win in 1984, 1988, and 1990, then have a 21-year+ drought.

I'm not saying that this is their year, but it's kind of a strange tendency that the club wins Grey Cups in bunches and then goes dormant. Kind of like the antithesis to Hamilton, who had won Grey Cups in every decade of the 20th century. I think a Grey Cup's coming soon, and who knows, if history repeats itself, it could again come in bunches.

though i read last time the bombers won the cup there was a conservative majority…

there is now too.

not sure if it means anything but it is quite strange.

The Jets were also here then and are back now! :rockin:

1984 was the birth of Swaggerville with Tyrone Jones and Wylie Turner kicking ass and taking names. The hit on Dieter Brock in the 84 Grey Cup was the moment that truly changed everything as the Bomber defense would scare the rest of the CFL for the next 7 years racking up 2 more Cups in the process.

In 1984, after nine games, the Bombers posted the same record of 7-2. Guess who they lost to?

Calgary and Saskatchewan!