speaking greatest nfl QBs

looks at who is on top of the all time passer rating.

guy at number one only played 3 yrs, but look at number two.

[url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NFL_career_passer_rating_leaders]http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NFL_career ... ng_leaders[/url]

pretty good considering his team for the most part has not been a top team.

Are you saying SD isn't a top team? I'm not sure I'd fully agree with that. They certainly have a habit of underachieving. They're like the Dallas Mavericks of the NFL.

Besides, even with that QB rating, Rivers is still a toolbag.

why in the world would you be saying that???

Cause it's true. :lol:

except its not :slight_smile:

the real tool is eli manning.

so much for the so called vaunted michael vick :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

I could care less if any player is personally a real douchebag for sake of when I am evaluating his play on the field, and Rivers is the second best in the game and far behind Brady who rises far above all.

The Chargers like the Bucs seldom do well in cold weather too, and that's a huge part of their loss at Cincinnati.

Prior to that game if you have read enough about San Diego's season examining their flaws and missing elements, you would know that they have failed this season, though Rivers and Gates have succeeded enormously, largely because of the following:

  1. Awful special teams play in the few games they ought to have won earlier in the season that would have had them as division winners
  2. Management that made the losing bet when not paying a franchise player and one of the best receivers in the game in Vincent Jackson. He's in the catbird seat now, as if they don't want to pay him as he demands, whether or not there is a season next year, someone else definitely will lock up such a rare huge playmaker at the receiver position.

Also note that such stats and rankings as on that list are misleading in cases of rating historic NFL football QBs with modern ones, for the pro QB rating formula was not changed after the introduction of the 5-yard bump rule in 1978 to what is now the NFL "Live Ball" era. Note as well that since the second Tom Brady rule in 2008, modern QBs have never been more protected.

More relevant for any given QB is just how many seasons they had with a rating, with enough pass attempts in any given season, at 80 or 85 dependent upon the era in which they played.

For sake of the QBs from before the Live Ball era that started in 1978, a rating of 80 in my opinion is about the same as a modern rating of 85 and indicative of a good season.

However I think you will see, as have I when looking at the stats, that nowadays a QB rating over the course of the season of 80 makes for an average quarterback at best if not more commonly subpar.

A QB rating of 85 is the currently prudent target over the course of a season, with enough pass attempts, to separate the few solid QBs in the NFL from the rest.

Speaking of great QBs... I laughed at Brees throwing two picks in the fourth quarter. I saw a couple headlines that tried to make it sound like Brees led a comeback. No he didn't. Atlanta just couldn't move the ball. :lol: :lol: