calgary got booed off the field , HOW SADDDDD


........spanking?........hardly.........but congrats to a determined EE squad that was able to hang onto a first half effort.........momentum was ours in the second half but too little too late, hopefully they can take it up north and continue the battle on friday...........gotta tell you, the EE receivers were pretty sharp, best in the league maybe, RR will be a hurtin unit tonight though, no steaks for the EE O-line from him this week...........

Burris made lots of mistakes and thats what cost you. Not INT's but didnt he have 2 or 3 fumbles, and he got sacked going for two when he should have thrown it up for grabs (which he did about 3 times in the game) I think if he doesnt fumble at all Stamps win.
Hell uva game though

So your saying if he had no turn overs they would of won... DUH! Special teams sealed it.

Touchdown pass to Rambo dropped and then he fumbled... certainly didnt help.

I was cheering for Calgary even though it would negatively affect My Riders....Be a cold day in hell before I ever cheer for the Esks.

I was actually happy to see Calgary make a game out of it in the second half.

It was getting a bit boring watching the Esks kick Calgary's teeth in for the first half of the game.

Ray got sacked, Ray fumbled....but we still won, because we have a better team....our defense just flat out beat the stamps, and we collapsed in the second half, and calgary still couldnt win...shows how good they are

I was happy with the result. The first half surprised me a bit, I didn't expect the Esks to roll quite so easily. The OL fell asleep in the second half though and once the Stamps got some momentum they took it to us. Imagine if both teams had played 60 minutes!

How about that hit on Reynolds by Wiltshire? Kudos to Reynolds, he was right back in the next series. We need to continue to play disciplined football for 60 minutes though, just the first half won't get it done. Should be a great game here on Friday night.