Soward To Be Suspended

Soward to be suspended reference is at the end of the Arland Bruce 111 article.

Toronto Sun Friday June 16 2006

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The Argos are expecting SB R. Jay Soward
to be suspended for tomorrow's opener.

You may recall Soward's post-touchdown celebration
when he grabbed a box of popcorn during last year's East final.

He also made contact with an official following an interception,
an offence that carries a one-game suspension.

Expect nothing less from the 2005 Forbidden Website Hall of Fame winner.

Come to think about it, non of the previous winners (which includes coaches, owners and players) have a strong record of staying around.

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  1. Damon Allen another year older and already hurtin'
  2. argos lose twice to the Cats, and it ain't even summer yet
  3. Our QB is quoted as saying "there's going to be a lot of bad blood"
  4. Robert Baker already fined
  5. R. Jay Soward already suspended

...its like the forbidden website wrote the script