Soward signs endorsment deal with Orville Redenbocker

April 1, 2006

The most recognizable name in gourmet popping corn, Orville Redenbacher, has teamed up with the Argonauts’ own receiver R. Jay Soward in a national, multi-tiered endorsement deal.

Poppa Cornelius, Vice President of Marketing and Advertising at Orville Redenbacher was delighted with the deal, “This is the first time we’ve teamed up with a professional athlete to sell our product. We’re thrilled to partner with a tremendous football player like R. Jay, especially one with his football pedigree combined with his love of popcorn. This is a can’t lose situation.�

Soward made his love of popcorn known during last season’s East Division Championship at Rogers Centre. After putting the Argonauts up 14-0 (with the convert), Soward made his way into the new endzone seats and emerged with a large bag of the fluffy, white corn. He shared his bounty with some lucky fans in the 100 level and offered some to teammates.

Remarked Soward, “I just love popcorn. Butter, no-butter, seasoned, even caramel – it’s all good. Together we’ll make Orville Redenbacher Canada’s number one entertainment snack… Oops, I have to go, think I heard my microwave ring and I hate burnt kernels.�
The endorsement is a three step, national execution plan. It begins with the advent of the regular season and wraps up with the Grey Cup championship in November. Within the plan, R. Jay will make several appearances, including the national popcorn farmers convention held each year in Cornwall, Ontario. He will also serve popcorn during CFL home games to one lucky fan. The fan will be entered in a draw to win a trip to the farm where Orville Redenbacher grew up. Finally, Soward will commit three hours per week to teaching youths how to pop the perfect kernel.

Um, wouldn't the last picture get him an unsportsmanlike penalty for excess celebrations?

april fools?

He's gonna take 3 hours to teach people how to pop corn? IT takes 10 minutes to teach someone how to pop popcorn and in that same time you could make a batch too