Southern Ontario doesn't care about the CFL?

Guess again.
That's some great numbers in that part of the country, and can only improve!
Combine the fact that the Ti-cats underwent a renaissance, and the argos still draw 26000 with such a lousy team tells me that the sport can grow even more in the most populated region of the country!

Here's another amazing fact about the Grey Cup: It was the most-watched television show in the country last week and that applied in the Toronto-Hamilton region, where it attracted 875,000 viewers. That was almost double the number who watched last Wednesday's Montreal-Toronto hockey game in this area (454,000 of the 1.4 million who tuned into TSN's coverage.)

Again we are presenting facts.
And you know facts don't matter to the usual suspects in the media.
They have an agenda, and they're sticking to it.
Unfortunately their followers are as dumb as they are.

Those numbers are probablly refering to this region which holds 8.1 million people...
So if everyone in Canada watched the game at this rate(1 in 9 people) there would still be 3.5 million people who watched the game. This despite terrible football played by both the Cats and the Argos for two full seasons now...
I would be interested in seeing the break down right across Canada.

Harris-Decima did a survey two weeks ago about how many people in each region intended to watch the Grey Cup. While the game might of been twice as popular in Sask than Ont, due to the huge population in Ontario it's has a huge impact on the TV ratings:

Ontario (29%) - 3,770,000
Alta: (50%) - 1,816,000
BC: (37%) - 1,628,000
Man/Sask: (59%) - 1,319,000
Atlantic: (22%) - 514,000

Is it still 2008? The Cats played decent football this year. They're not the Montreal Alouettes, but they clearly did not play 'terrible' football.

Are we talking about the CFL or global warming? :slight_smile:

Is it me or does the rating last week show the the NFL ratings are flat even with not having the CFL to compete against??! I've heard people say, "Oh. the NFL ratings are less than the CFL, because the CFL is in thier playoffs. Just wait until the Grey Cup is over, and you will see the NFL ratings spike to be over the CFL". Nope!!!!!!!!! If anything, thier ratings have flat-lined to around 500-600k. I would be interested to see the Bills game ratings. Since they are not being published, I would imagine they are verrrrrry low!!!! :rockin:

CFL games going head-to-head against the NFL seem to have no impact on the ratings either way. When the CFL has no games on Sunday, the NFL gets about the same ratings as when the CFL plays on Sunday.

The NFL ratings overall have been dropping as the season has gone along, with last week taking a bigger dump. Now that the Grey Cup is over, perhaps football fans have had enough and have moved on to other sports. The NFL is pretty moribund in comparison and there is little compelling reason to watch unless you have money on the game, but I'd still rather watch the NFL over the NHL or other minor sports.

Yes, Xv, I also would rather watch the NFL over the NHL and most other sports right now that the CFL is over. Fact is gridiron football, to me, is just more interesting to watch with a chess match and special teams stuff etc. plus the fact there are only 16-18 games so each game is important. Now do I make a real, real point for watching an NFL game like a CFL game meaning I have to be home to watch it live? No, but more than hockey games at this time of year. Plus there is nothing better than the pure contact of gridiron, at least more pure contact than hockey where in gridiron it's more the point of the game and disciplined compared with hockey where it seems to just get in the way sometimes.

They were published... 550K.
Check Zelkovich's latest blog "sports media watch"
The CFL really needs to get into the gambling thing big time...
Gambleing is what drives NFL ratings..there is no doubt about it.... Everyone I know who watches the NFL gambles on it... The two go hand in hand...
How about
The 98th Grey Cup Presented By Bowman's... "Is your cup runeth over yet!!!!1"

Gambling isn't my thing but I agree it drives up ratings for the NFL no question.

The NFL isn't into gambling, gamblers are into gambling, and you can gamble on virtually anything, including the CFL.

Yeah you can... I just wish that the TSN commentators would openly talk about the spread during the game...If you are going to destroy your life gambling....then why not gamble on the CFL.

Because the CFL is totally unpredictable, it'd probably make most people go broke lol.

xvys_wrote-. "Now that the Grey Cup is over, perhaps football fans have had enough and have moved on to other sports. The NFL is pretty moribund in comparison and there is little compelling reason to watch unless you have money on the game "__________BINGO :twisted:

No question it can be a very slow and tedious game to watch, the NFL, but it still keeps my interest have to admit, just not to the level of the CFL.

What drives me absolutely crazy at live NFL games are the incessant time outs. I mean it is REALLY sad. I've seen three called in a row, right before the two minute warning. It can sometimes take a seeming eternity to play five minutes because of all the ridiculous stoppages. The NFL should cut back to one time out per team per half, but it'll never happen.

They would have to shorten the play clock, or games would be over with 10 minutes left.

This is the thing the NFL boosters out there don't get.
The NFL doesn't care what you or I think.
We live in a foreign country.
Its an American game made for Americans and American TV.
It is doing hugely well down there the way it is.
Unlike in Canada how we are changing hockey to suit everybody else,
the Americans don't care what we think of the rules of the NFL.
If somebody in Canada or Italy doesn't like certian NFL rules, the NFL could care less.
Which is the beuaty of the CFL.
Its made for Canadians.
If we complain, they do something.
I'd rather have that, then be a nothing with the NFL.

What you're saying berezin is that with the NFL and how it views Canada is Canadians is strictly dollars. Whereas the CFL and how it views Canada and Canadians is yes, still they want your dollars and I don't deny that, but with your dollars you actually get a say in things. With the NFL, it's strictly a one way street, your dollars but you have exactly 0 say in how the league operates.

You're right, you could spend thousands and thousands of dollars with seasons ticket for the Bills, Lions, Browns, Seahawks whatever, spending your Canadian dollars given to Uncle Sam, but they aren't going to change a darn thing or listen to you. And if you're ok with that, fine. But yes, with our CFL, they actually ask for input from Canadians for enhancements to the league, from the fans.

The more I watch the NFL, and I like it BTW, the more I see that they need to go to 3 downs to make it a more exciting league. But they won't. 4 downs is just too friggin many downs per possession. The CFL is more like hockey to use a comparison, the ball changes possession more often therefore more things can happen. Just more excitement, more unpredictability. I like that. Albeit in hockey slightly above average teams can win playing a trap game, but that's a different story. One reason why the NHL went more "football basketball" style getting rid of the red line for 2 line passes. Makes sense.