Southern Ontario and greater area sports fans

After watching my beloved Buffalo Bills lose another heart breaker to the Cowboys..I started wondering...i was born and raised in i generally like the teams that are closest to me...i.e CFL--Cats, NFL--Bills, NHL--Maple Leafs, NBA--well after Reggie Miller retired the Raptors, and we have had a few good years...but latley...if you are a fan of all these teams it is frustrating as heck..watching the Cats, Leafs,Bills, Jays...and the Raps look like they have found stability for years to come...but when will the suffering stop for football, hockey, baseball?...Is this a curse??...intersted to hear other opinions....

remember bud, good things always come to those who choose to wait! Some times it takes a bit longer then others but you will eventually get better in time.

From your list I think the TiCats are your best remedy.