Sources: Rays to explore playing in Montreal

Not silly at all, baseball teams play 162 games a year, if Montreal got half the home games, it's around 40 and that's about the same number of home games as their NHL team.

Like their home games in Puerto Rico did so well for the fanbase in Montreal.

It signalled the end of the Expos as the fans no longer wanted to support the team that was leaving.


I dont mean this to sound as bad as it prob will......but...
Why do you care?
I don't believe you live in either Tampa or Montreal. If they want to do it, how does it affect you
Again...I meant it the way it sounds

Used to be an Expos fan. I personally don't care but the according to the topic it might be relevant.

You think players would actually go through with that arrangement?

Still upset about 1994 and the fire sale afterwards.

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The fact is MLB as a major league does not want this situation with the Rays and them exploring playing half of their games in another country. That is not ideal at all especially for a major league team. It means problems and pro sports leagues don't like problems, no company does. Especially when these problems are aired in public.


They wont have a choice....Just like when the expos split with Puerto Rico

But I dont think they would care

Interesting that you stated why do I care.

Think of this happening to your favorite team whether you live there or not.

If I dont live there and I am a fan, why would I care?
If I lived in Tampa I would....but if it was a half season or no season at all.......I would take the half
And seeing how I live in Montreal....I will take the half season

To each their own. Still think it's a bad idea.

Then again having the MLB in Florida outside of Spring Training was never a good idea in the first place.


What a nightmare for a major league, a simple nightmare.


Yet the league has given them their blessing

Should the split plan happen, there's nothing stopping MLB to 'split' it into 2 teams once they expand.

It's one less place to look for to build a stadium and expansion fee.

I think this is a long term plan hence why so many politicans and business leaders are saying the party line.

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Translation, how to make lemonade out of lemons.

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And MLB has plenty of lemons right now...been in a lockout for over a month and barley anyone notices :slight_smile:


Lockout? I thought they were in their offseason :scream:

You're right. Didn't notice myself :joy:



But is this decent or indecent exposure? I'm going to say it sounds ugly already.

Now I am confused what they are 'SPOS to be. :stuck_out_tongue:

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That article read like clickbait to me given it's a Yankees' branded side of the site, so of course it worked because it is a column written by an evidently rather inexperienced writer so as to stoke the long-burning fires.

There is no way this happens given the local Yankees' establishment that is in the Tampa Bay area and in much of Florida since literally Steinbrenner himself day one and the ONLY primary reason a team was even founded in the Tampa Bay area let alone located deliberately at a terrible location in St. Pete far enough away from the Yankees' spring training show.

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I will leave that to your imagination or nightmare lol.

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