Sources: Rays to explore playing in Montreal

Perhaps as part of the equation now in Montreal is: what if the Blue Jays build a new stadium not as close to downtown as the Rogers Centre and does this become "best practice" for a MLB baseball stadium in Canada or do the Blue Jays, well Rogers, do more renos for the Skydome (love still calling it this :slight_smile: ) and then this is "best practice" for Montreal to follow. And I would say Montreal is all about following what is happening in Toronto baseball stadium wise as "best practice". All about perception to get fans to go to games, not about strictly practicalities of public transit, parking, location in the strictest sense, hey let's face it there are stadiums like Buffalo out in the boonies that fans will go to and pack the place on a cold Monday night in December that is no where near downtown, who knows? Of course football and baseball are or maybe depending on city/nation different beasts. Where to put stadiums for pro sports that fans will "buy into" is really a crapshoot.

No word yet if Legault will allow catchers to have face covers.

Yeah it is!
Why do people avoid the Big Oh?
It has plenty of can get to the metro without even stepping outside! Quite a few different busses on the corner


The Expos and Alouettes back in the day had excellent crowds at the Big Owe. The location was fine then but then all of a sudden, it sucks as a location. Really?

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They had big crowds because it was new! And fans of the 70ie are not the same fans as today...

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Fair enough but let's face facts, there are stadiums and arenas that are not located anywhere near downtown areas that do attract excellent crowds. Stating the obvious.

The Tampa Bay Le Devil Rays?

The #1 priority for a baseball configuration is the sight-lines. Nothing else matters.

Sure, and there are fans that will sell out those stadiums even after a 10 game loosing streak

They aren't called the "Devil Rays" anymore, they are known as the "Rays"

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Bring on "Les Expos"

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Still not sure how this arrangement will work.

Would they still be called the Tampa Bay Rays?

X- Rays

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You mean ExpoRays?:rofl::joy:


That would work too :wink:

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That plan to be Exposed wouldn't it :joy::rofl::sweat_smile:

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This idea is as stupid as one can get thinking people will support this in the long run .

Half assed ideas for half assed people .

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Either plan for a ballpark in Tampa or Montreal or plan to relocate totally.

Half and half approach is silly.


And I thought the CFL was the only pro league "quirky" :joy: