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Started out as a game thread that derailed - To rest the blame I got no time for this, this morning.
Go Rider D

IMO it all depends on pressure. I have not rewatched the last game...only segments. I thought it was perhaps the most announced of the season how much better the D looks when bringing 4. BC likes the longball so you need to bring a lot of heat. It was funny watching the first quarter or so again today...basically all but one play with 4 man rush worked out well, and all but 1 with 3 was a fail. I get mixing it up...but I think it needs to be like 10-15% 3 man.

Sask was a -3 or 4 a couple weeks ago, but is a -1 now...good job. That is an awesome trend....but they are still last in the league for forced turnovers....they are simply not turning it over themselves. Well...they are probably due to turn one over, so the D needs to step it up and create one or two themselves.

BC has been stingy for Run D....but their passing D has not been as strong as I thought it would be. What do you do when you are up against a strung run try to cram it down their throats and beat the best part of their D....that will REALLY loosen things up if it has success. Meanwhile, the riders run D has been middle of the pack (they have looked good, Stamps game aside) and they actually host the lowest completion rate against...problem being that pass efficiency (QB rating) has been high...meaning that with surrendering low completion % that they are giving up way too many we know. With BC (and Edmonton) loving to attack in that manner they need to step that up (Lyles) here and now....perhaps AJ Jefferson gets a look? These 2 stats are critical because it plays into the strengths of the Esks and the Lions O...the next 3 opponents.

oh...Also not sure about Chris Williams...he is due to come off the 6 but not sure if he is actually ready to play. Rainey and Williams on the field is a lil scary

I have to say the new digs get a lot louder than the old digs!! It's loud!! :rockin:

Lol House of Doom is a bit exaggerated now isn't it? :wink:

Ooookay then. You might want to avoid sharp objects and stop listening to that little voice in your head. :wink:

Do they still pump in noise in BC?

Sounds like Chris Williams will be playing...or has a good shot at it

That is a bit scary. Williams and Rainey back for punts and kicks, or both at receiver. Yikes I can see a few blown covers and we could get burn bad. Have get to Lulay quick or it will be a long night.

This will be another good test as to how we are doing, do we hang in or get blown out.. can we win... not sure if we can win right now in BC

Yeah it’s certainly not going to be a cake walk I don’t imagine . Have to get after Lulay quick. I guess we are lucky in a way that Jennings isn’t back. With his ability to scramble or just run the ball combined with Williams, Rainey, and Johnson, that could be very bad. Lulay can run but since his injury he picks his spots a bit more .

Man I'm not sure what your smoking but it can't be legal. Sure Carter made one spectacular catch but other receivers have done so in the past also. Up to then he has been invisible and who knows if he will disappear again or not. If he continues to make consistent solid plays then fine but until then he ain't no Jesus that can walk on water. This crap about Sears going blind and "the hand of Doom" is over the top in my opinion. At first I thought you were just joking around but you seem to be sticking with it so now I'm not so sure.
How about we see how the great Carter does against the Lions and the Eskimos before we annoint him ST Carter?

Yeah not surprising a real mature response.

Wow, touchy people on here , can't take criticisms, just think what ever they say is correct, ha. You can only put positive spin on so much, the proof will be in the pudding.

Well I think i would start bridge next game and have glen on the sideline mentoring him, and he can go in if bridge has trouble. But that's how I would approach the next game . A home game could help with the young man's confidence.

The west is the powerhouse this year. For the Riders they would have to nearly win out the rest of the season to get into the top 3 .... and even the cross over which the Bombers are a lock for .... is basically out of reach unless the bombers go on a long losing streak.

It's time to start Bridge the rest of the season - there is no value in playing Glenn at this point. Glenn is and has been a great QB but the time to build the QB of the future is now - and not next season.

Not saying your wrong but unless Glenn is hurt I cant see Bridge getting the start. Jones hooked his wagon to Glenn and like everything else Jones is too stubborn or stupid to change it until it is too late. Point in case is the 3 man rush. We have stuck with it game in and game out and have gotten burned more times then its worked but Jones refuses to accept that and bring pressure. You have Williams, Rainey, etc who can kill you with speed so you allow Lulay plenty of time to get open which they will do and tare apart the secondary. Does Jones learn from it, nope just keeps on going with it game after game after game and loss after loss after loss. Now do you think he is going to change up for next week. I sure dont and probably will be shocked when the secondary gets trashed again. So don`t look for Jones to make a change a qb either.

Oh and so much for the vaunted defense with the hand of doom showing up. A total joke of a game and effort.

Another joke of a game, I can’t even blame Glenn, Macadoo wow such great play calling 5 yarders all night. This team now sucks in 2 phases, our O line sucks as does our D… 3 years now, 12 more games and no play-offs and jones better be gone. along with pencil pusher Reynolds. I will again say it… cheap pay, cheap players, cheap team. >:(

This year it will take a record of 10-6 just to compete for the cross over in the west. The Riders have 12 games left and with 2 wins would need to win 8 of 12 down the stretch just to compete for 4th. 4 wins may get you second place in the east this year - the west is dominating.

I just can't see the riders winning 8 of 12 this year. Even if they sweep the 5 remaining games with eastern teams ...... they would be hard pressed to win 3 or 4 games against western teams.

Not saying they are eliminated already, just the odds of making the play offs this year started as a long shot and are now the slimmest of odds for them.

The Riders need to find out now if Bridge is the next QB or not. If he is given 8 or more games and doesn't cut it we still have time to work on who will QB in 2018. If we wait till next season to start working on it - then barring a miracle that's 2 more years of losing.

We have alot of the pieces already, barring a few spots ..... If we tank the next 2 years we will lose the gems we have now and will have to build all over ..... yet again.

So here's hoping that at the minimum we see a tandem equal play time the rest of the season at QB

This needs to be said also, Demoski had a great season start, now he rides the pine for most of the game, this kid will only get better. His contract is due this season end, without allowing him to playa lot more, I see him signing with his home town Bombers who I am sure will let him play first string. Jones is such an idiot!!

Pretty sure this is how the season will play out but not till after Labour day. Jones has to make it look like he hasn't thrown in the towel on the season until mathematics dictate it's over, which will be Banjo bowl at the latest.