Sour Grapes anyone?

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I understand the Rough Rider name has a lot of history and I'd be mad too if someone wouldn't let us choose a name that we wanted that has been a symbol for so long but the way they insult the people of Saskatchewan is ridiculous and the most biased crap I've see in a long time. Read the link, you'll understand.

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Hmm. . . are you suggesting perhaps that the new team name should be the Ottawa Sour Grapes?

Nahh lol the owners aren't writing this crap its the sleezeballs behind their computers and pens that spew this stuff out.

Yes, well, it would screw up their colour scheme. . . 'sour grapes' would require some purple in the uniform, and they're sticking with red black and white.

I still say, if they want to define the history of Ottawa Football as they say they do, there can be no better name than the Ottawa Folders.

They should be called the Rough Riders...
This whole thing just feeds into the whole "Americans will laugh at us complex"
Well I got news for you.... Most Americans(atleast the ones who were ever actually aware that we had two Roughriders) STILL THINK WE HAVE TWO ROUGHRIDERS...... Why disapoint people.....

Saskatchewan should be called the "telethoners" or the "NFL baleoiuters" and then give Ottawa their name back

By "in a long time" do you mean since the Labour Day Classic or the Banjo Bowl? Didn't read any insults in that article that I haven't read before from some Blue Bomber fans around that time of year.

Or maybe the Saskatchewan “Richest”. That way they can keep their “R” as there logo, and nothing exemplifies the reality more than that.

You're not only correct Bombs but going one step further, this has nothing to do with the CFL or sports, Americans by and large laugh at Canada and Canadians, period. That's why people have to wear Americana stuff, so no one will take them for a Canadian. :o :wink:

Oh please… The richest? Your not even the richest community owned team… The Esks got over 20 mil in their contingency fund… You guys will soon be playing in the second worst stadium in the league…
Lose the attitude Rider fans… Don’t forget… you you are only one Grey Cup win ahead of the Sarnia Imperials… Ottawa hasn’t won the cup in 32 years and is still light years ahead of you guys… Heck… the Bombers havent won the cup in 21 years but over the last 27 years have won the cup as many times as you guys have in over 100.
What bothers me most is when people say Ottaw doesn’t deserve a franchise because they already lost it twice… EVERY TEAM in the CFL(other then Edmonton) has come a Cat’s wisker from losing their team… Stamps in the 80s(SOS anyone?) The Lioins after Skalbania… The Riders(mentioned above) The Bombers were five mil in debt and basicly were going to close the doors in 96. The Cats after the 94 season were basicly toast and again in 2003… The Argos 2003, 2008,…
Get your head out of the clouds Rider fans… If the price of potash were to fall…you wouldn’t even have a name for your crappy stadium.

I still like the Renegades

Sure they would. They could just change it to "untapped Oil Kings in the nation" stadium.


I agree...I thought it was a great name...and as have roughriders and rough riders...I think that is just silly and am glad it was said not to. It was not too bad 60 years ago before they were in the same league, but still...why let a team come in and have the same(ish) name as any clubs. Guess they should have never changed their name to the Senators for a stint huh.

Perhaps the Brigids would work...if the R is a must...Rapture, Reign, Rideau (hey...RideauRamsays if you want the doubles R...sorry...couldn't help throwing this one in...not a good one), Rampage, Rapids (hey the Beachburg area is sweet to kayak down, and I guess could also loosely reverence Chaudière Falls), Revolution...a couple good ones in there anyways. I kinda like Revolution.

Yes but that is out of the heat of the game and the competitiveness that goes with it. No it doesn't make any more right but this article is just poorly written and in bad taste

Like some others, I'm a bit different as an American as my parents came from another country in this regard. I hear your pain there though.

Usually I do not have a good opinion of many of my fellow Americans who exhibit scorn or elitism to those from foreign countries let alone their embarrassing public displays with a severe lack understanding all too often based on Hollywood stereotypes. Certainly not one of my friends of various backgrounds fit that description.

When I was in Italy, it was so bad that I would blend in and hide to be Italian just to avoid some of these ugly tourist types who are well known worldwide and really give our country a terrible reputation overseas. In some cases, they get what they deserve when on foreign travel I think.

Given the crap on cable TV now as reflects American popular culture and the general decline in civil standards on display daily at places like Wal-Mart, I see no improvement in sight.

When I was in London this summer... I got in a screaming match (on one of those double decker buses) with this Republican chick,who's father was a doctor, who found it discusting that poor people recieved any kind of medical care at all. I compared the USA to India except that India had health care, and she remarked how when she got off the bus, that she was going to McDonald's... By the time she stormed off the bus chanting,"USA!!!USA!!" a kiwi and a couple of British people started screaming at her too. At this point another American apologized on behalf of all Americans that Repulicans like her exsisted... Quite sad really The whole arguement started when she started to tell me how the BBC was crap and that FOX News had the best news... it rapidly esculated from there.
Did I mention that it was 3am on a Friday night?

Appreciate the recognition of that. Even if the writer is of that opinion, and no doubt some fans agree with him, it can still be expressed in a professional way.

It was also unnecessary anyway. That stuff was announced in August, for crying out loud. :roll:

Whoo! Now you're going back a ways!

I'm not crazy about forcing the R. If you're going to go away, go away full tilt. Otherwise, if you do a throwback day, how is that going to be a big deal? Your uniform already looks near identical, unless they chose to use the old horse logo, I guess.

If you must have the R and still want to retain history, there was an intermediate team in the 30's called the Rangers (they wore purple and white though) who did OK for themselves for themselves for a while. That one wouldn't make me vomit. :wink:

Great story Bombs ...if I were there on foreign soil I would have joined the screaming against her for that matter ...typical American Republican b for that matter ...

For once I can agree with you it seems. :lol: