Sounds Like John Bowman is Retiring

He posts:

"It’s been a pleasure :v:t4: thanks"

An all time great Alouette! All the best to you John.

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I agree. Thank you John.


Lui et Chip Cox doivent impérativement voir leur chandail être retiré.


Like with Chip Cox all good things come to an end.

Hope there is a way for John to stay involved with the Als, but I recall him saying he wanted to become a player agent.


Happy retirement, John. As Sheldon wrote "all good things come to an end".

Je ne vois pas pourquoi les chandails de Chip Cox et John Bowman devraient être retirés. Plusieurs le sont déjà et il y a des limites.


ideally don't you need to be a lawyer to be an agent?

Just to be a politician

Darren Gill, Tim Fleiszer are 2 CFL player agents who come to mind who are not lawyers.

Bowman has some experience working with the CFLPA.

Where does he live in the off season?

I thought he lived here in Montreal. I could be wrong.

I think he does

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