Sounds Like A Keeper!

dwight anderson 2 picks both at huge times to change the momentom of the game, sounds like a keeper to me plus at the black n gold game he impress, really quick.

I think a Few People have Earn Spots

Jo jo Walker

How about Nate Curry! :thup:


what about witherspoon for 78 yards??

How about every receiver tonight? Nobody did poorly.

The pudding that the proof will be found in next week will be of stouter stuff. This game is a very good start -- hoping the younger players who play next week will keep this up.

Oski Wee Wee,

Great game, I am sure the named above have "earned their stripes" so to speak. I am excited about next week..

Oski Wee Wee Tigers Eat'em Raw !!!

I'm holding back my enthusiasm. While I want to believe this is a precurser... last season taught me one thing: preseason means nothing.

I’ll repeat one more time. Last year’s team was coached by a collection of numbskulls.

Kordic was OK in this game too I

Chang, Setta, Anderson, Curry, Walker, and Kordic have demonstrated that they appear to belong on this team. They don't need to worry about being the next players to get cut. As for who goes, it may be hard to say. But I figure this thread should be about the rookies who are giving us reasons to look forward to the future. And these players did that.

I think Kordic is probably a depth guy. You have to see him against first string guys to properly assess that kind of thing.

That may be true, and the pick he caught sounded like it was just a bad throw by Dinwiddie. But I heard commentators on a Winnipeg radio station going on about how well he was playing. He may be a depth guy, but could be a very good depth guy.

Well I didnt see or hear the game on the net...But i did hear 1st hand how it went on the field and in the looker room..

And I tell you what!

The ticats came to play and are ready for the season...

Good job little bro and the rest of the team..

You can't win consistantly without good depth, my friend.

Thrilled to have Kordic on this team.

He dropped a couple as well. Personally I don't think he makes the team.

On a side note, I didn't hear anyting about Gardner, did he play is he injured what's the deal?

no Injured Will Play Friday

Kordic sounded (radio) like he was in all the right places, making a mis-play once, and also making a pick on a desperation play.

he sounds like he could be one of those all purpose DB backups behind Shaw and karikari and Gauthier.

also... was Glavic line up at LB yesterday?