Anyone find the sound was bad, Sat in the handicap area east side for the Mac Game and Cats game.

Wheres the handicap section?

I sit in family section 119 lower and thought it was fine.

Now the guy behind me should of had a volume button lol

Sat in 114 for Mac game and sound was excellent. Back to our seats in 112 for Ti-Cat game. Sound was booming with echo when panel first came on pre-game, then sideline gal Kayla was barely audible to inaudible. After that, the sound was excellent for the rest of the game. Dramatic improvement over the temporary speakers for the early games.

Fan noise was very loud most of the game, but still heard most, not all, of announcements, barely heard the steam whistle over the fan cheers. Maybe a function of where you are sitting, wind and crowd noise?

I was at the Mac game too, sitting in the front row of the upper stand. The sound was good there, but there was a noticeable drop in quality when we went down to the concourse to get out of the sun.