SotF Kick-Off Bash.

What goes on at this event exactly - anyone go last year who can fill me in?

it Will most likey be only for Platinum Season Ticket Holders This year.

It Really is just a Mixer With The Staff and Players of the Team
You Can ask Question to Staff and Get to know people better.
It was a Blast to go to.

I got my invites today. I was wondering because "State of the Franchise" sounds kinda dry -"kick-off bash" on the other hand sounds like a good time.

You must be Platinum Season Ticket hold

Can you purchase extra tickets for this. I also got an invite for an event at Boston Pizza. Anyone else going to that?

Don't know if you can buy tickets, the invites looked pretty formal and you have to rsvp with a code if you are going to attend. I imagine they'll wait to see the number of attendess before they put any tickets up for sale - if at all.

The State of the Franchise is a invitation only event and tickets will not be available for purchase.

We went last year and had a really good time. I'm disappointed to hear that it is invitation only this year, and only for platinum ticket holders. There are a lot of fans who would really enjoy the event who simply don't have the finances to afford the high end ticket prices.

I rarely complain about team decisions.. but this just seems elitist to me. Very disappointing.

I don’t disagree at all with this decision. (might just because I upgraded my seats this year) How would it be possible for them to invite every season ticket holder, they might as well hold it at Ivor Wynne. Every team has exclusive events like this, trust me i have missed out on a lot. The Cats have always done a lot of events for everyone to like last years Street party thing.

I’ll be interested to see what kind of event this is.

The problem is that last year it was done on the internet as a first come, first serve. I was lucky enough to get 4 tickets. I think it sucks that it's an invitation only event!

Just cuz I don't get the top seats I'm not allowed in? I buy something from the Ticat store at least once a month, I have participated in the jersey auction this past year and come out to all the meet & greets.

The Cats really need to relook at this. I understand, Platinum holders first, then the rest should be up for grabs. If you read the season ticket holder brochure, all it says for platinums that they get a ticket to the SOTF. Nowhere does it say "exclusive".

The street party was very kool but there actually wasn't a lot of people there.

The cats need to open this up to all of their fans, ticket holders or not. They are an important part of the community and to shun people isn't right.

The entitlement is amazing. Autograph signings in the store, street parties, allowing fans down on the field after a game (think that happened last season). I would have to say the Cats organization does a really good job of making the players available to all fans.

As an earlier poster noted there would be 10-15,000 people that as fans would like to attend an event like this.
The Cats have the free Black and Gold game, open practice. Lots of chances for fans to meet the players.
In business you have to look after and make happy the customers that bring in the most revenue. In this case Platinum seat users.

Does anyone know if this is a dinner?
Dress-up or down?
It is at the Chedoke room at the convention center which is nice!

Well Last year they did have Food and Drink.
Very Nice Bash they Threw last year.
Who's Know what is planed this year.

If you get a Invite to this invitation only Event.

count your lucky Stars.

Kevin didn't say that it was for platinum ticket holders only, he just said it was by invitation only. I'm sure there will be people who are invited that are not platinum ticket holders. It was a good time last year. Too bad I won't be going this year, but life goes on.

It is invitation only with Platinum seat holders all receiving an invite. Invitations may have been sent to media partner, etc.

If anyone that has not received an invite would like to attend this event, please contact me at by Thursday April 25th.

I will put the names on a waiting list and depending on our RSVP rate, I will send out an invite.

I understand that some (all?) of last year's season ticket holders who have yet to renew, have also been invited.

ie the club's last ditch effort to change the minds of such individuals.