Sorta off topic, but im bored

I'm wanting to get another jersey to add tp my collection. But im stuck on which one. Im thinking either a White Eddie Davis or a Green Andy Fantuz. Suggestions????? lol

How about a black "Dressler" since he is clearly the future of this organization and league and doesn't have the physical stature to ever get plucked up by the NFL teams for more than a looksie?

Go Retro with either a Roger Aldag, George Reed or Ron Lancaster. That way your not stuck with a jersey for someone that only played for a year or two.

Good point. Interesting take.

If you want to keep your wardrobe current, maybe wait a couple weeks. With training camp set to start, I am sure the Riders are going to go through a few footballs. Mr. "summer holiday" Tillman will surely trade your guys away for a new batch of balls. wait and get the jersey of their new team. Pretty much guaranteed it will be a Western rival, so start picking your accessories accordingly.