Sorry :(

I take full responsibility for the loss to Calagary, at half time in all my wisdom I made a huge mistake by saying that the riders just had to put more points on the board to prevent Calagary from coming back late to win. Well as it turns out the Riders never scored another point. Maybe I shouldn 't have put so much pressure on them like that. Sorry everyone I jinxed it and accept whatever punishment you find to be fitting.

wear a Stamps jersey for the rest of the season!

We don't want him to commit suicide redwhite. I actually maed the same mistake. I guess I am sorry too.. Actually I am not sorry. Those points were there for the taking. The Rider offence is who should be sorry. You don't ow anyone an apology sub

Actually, it's my fault. That's right.....I deserve the blame here.....see, I tried (albeit in vain) to reverse a crude hex bestowed upon our team by supersmith (main forum, thread called "The Hex) witchcraft was no match for his gypsy ways.....


RIDERS FAULT!!!!!!!!!!!!

And here I was, thinking that it was me because I moved from the TV in the bedroom to the one in the living room cause the pizza had showed up, and I didn't want to get pizza sauce on the white blanket-thing. I moved back by the 4th quarter, but I figured obviously the damage was done.

Good to see that it's other people.... or, according to #5, the fault of the riders. Could it be the team? No, I'm sure it was all the little things we all did. :slight_smile:

You have been found guilty as charged SubZero. Your punishment? You are hereby sentenced to attend every Rider home game for the next twenty years. I realize that it's a bit cruel and inhumane, but if you can't do the time, don't do the crime. :mrgreen:

DAMN hook me up with that punishment. i could do some bs crime for that punishement anyday. While your at it throw in some Renegades tix for me with those riders ones.

I accept the punishment! :smiley: thank you for seeing my side of the story and not being harsh.