Sorry to see them go

I am deeply disappointed that Mike Morreale and Rob Hitchcock will not be given the opportunity to be a part of this new, energetic team. Why not let them finish their careers on a high note with a team that could possibly make it to the finals or the Grey Cup itself? I will miss them dearly as I'm sure many other people will. They have always been fan favourites who always brought a sense of pride, loyalty and wisdom to this team. Hold your heads high boys, you have truly given us many wonderful years and I will always consider you to be two of the best players in the Tiger Cat organization. Thank you Mike and Rob.

Well said Catsfan4life.
I sure feel lousy about the situation. These are two very special players because of their talents and for their contribution to the community. What great role models for young people.
Tough decision for Marcel and Charlie but their job is to build a long term winning team. I wish there was a way to have kept Rob and Mike around for another year or two but as Mike said, the team can't afford to let the young Canadian talent go now because they are the future.
Marcel and Charlie must have one heck of a stock of talent in training camp for them to have made a decision like this.
Rob and Mike will do well whatever their next moves may be. Good luck to both of them. They sure deserve it for what they have done for the Tiger-Cats over the years.

They were given the opportunity to be part of the new energetic team, just not in a playing capacity.