Sorry to have to say this but

I think you've seen the last of Dave Dickenson on the field.

Today he was put on the 9 game injury list.

Shitty way to end a career.

I think we all knew this day was coming....he should have retired after his last concussion and i hope that he has no lingering long term affects. Great QB, just got his bell rung a heck of a lot.

I believe he should have retired at the end of last season rather than risk another concussion. Lets hope that he suffered any permanent damage from this latest one.

Easy for you to say, obviously Dave thought he could
still play. Pretty obvious now that his career is
over, as i didnt notice any real head jarring hits.

He did one swan dive into the turf that i believe might have initially caused the problems.

But i honestly believe a congratulatory tap on the head by an Eskimo finished him off.

Does anyone else recall this??

After he immediately grabbed his facemask and tugged
on it.

It could be a combination of things while playing. He may have had dizzy spells after the game just from running around. But maybe it was enough for him to say its not getting better. Truly sad he is such a great guy I hope he stays on with organization.

What is the official prognosis?

Turf Toe.

post concusion syndrome.

There were a lot of people who said that he should consider retiring at the end of last year- one of them being Matt Dunigan. DD decided to risk it, and he suffered another concussion. If it is from plays from what I have bolded above, he shouldn't have even been on the field in the first place, IMO.

He did take a good hard shot to the shoulder after releasing one pass. I think that is where he jarred his head.

He adjusted his helmet after that. Thats also when he got that friendly little tap on the noggin from an Eskie, as I remember thinking, HEY stay away from his head lol.

Too bad for DD. Hope HB's toe is up to snuff.

I'd have to agree, as much as that bothers me.

Great football player.
Was absolutely scarry when he was on. If its true he is done then sad to see him go.

...I too thought he should have hung up his hat last year, but you can't fault a guy for making a living doing what he wants to do...great player in any uniform....

Maybe the stamps are planning on bringing someone in and need the cap space thereby telling dave that he is going on the shelf for the rest of the season. Maybe they feel there 3rd stringer is looking good. Then again maybe not. If he is actually injured then good luck to him in his future endeveres with football wherever they take him.(and a get well soon)

This is why we let him go. He was a fantastic QB, but his time is/was up. Not even one full game played and he is injured. I hope he won't have any long term effects but he probably will. Post concussion syndrome is a life long thing.

I wish him well regardless, one of my favorite QBs of all time.

Was there a specific play that caused this? I mean did he at some point leave the game?

I remember seeing him sneeze on the sidelines....that would more than likely give him atleast a grade 2 concussion :smiley:

I wouldn't think that this is the case. Nealy has thrown 24 passes between last year and the first half of this year, and only completed 7 of them.

Yeah, I don't recall him getting helpped off the field.

I hope for HIS SAKE and HIS HEALTH he hangs them up.

As I stated earlier, he was knocked to the ground by a solid shot to the shoulders. It doesn't have to be a head shot to cause problems with concussion prone players.