Sorry Ti-Cats

Ive always not really liked ur team stinking up our division, but the fans here have to be absolutely outraged. we think its bad in winnipeg, i feel sorry for you guys here. We screwed you in the Zeke trade. you guys need to get some proper managers and staffing ASAP. Hope you guys wont fall into the basement, yet again, but it only seems inevitable. Hope you guys can turn this team around.

Zeke Moreno wasn't getting a long with the coaching staff here. It was either release him and get nothing, or trade him and get some draft pics.

No proof of that at all.

Don't take conjecture from a fan internet board and state is as fact.

First of's our division. You guys are guests here (again). is bad in Winnipeg.

Thirdly...yes, you screwed us badly in the Zeke trade.

Fourthly (new word by me)... you're right, our staffing and managers are not good...still

Fifthly :wink: ... We are in the basement...with you.

Apology accepted though.

And you know this how??

Basement wouldn't be so bad if we had to share it with the Bummers. Kinda like an annoying little brother. Oh well, gloat while you can you pathetic little troll.

Hey skippy, try beating a team that doesn't have EIGHTEEN injured players before you jaw off. I'd be more concerned with my team choking away a 10 point lead in the last 5 minutes of the game than whether or not the Ticats are "stinking" up the division, but thanks for comin' out.

dude, i feel sorry for you, living in winnipeg, a place even hamilton can look down on.

How our the bugs in Winnipeg???
Oh well it will be snowing soon enough!

This thread makes me realize how shitty this is for Moreno. After two years in this tub of sh...he gets sent to another tub of sh...

wow. Dumping on the Peg and it's not even winter yet...

I have no pity for Winnipeg. Their fans poked and disrespected their opponents all winter long and now their team is the other laughing stock of the league.

No one expected the Ticats to win the division but Winnipeg fans were using words like Dominant and unstopable

I can't remember a team underachieving as badly as the 2008 Winnipeg Unibombers